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Slate Street is a street in Stoneybrook, CT.


It is within biking distance of Bradford Court. Parallel to Fawcett Avenue as Mallory lives at 134 Slate Street and her house faces Stacey's (later Jessi's) backyard on Fawcett.

The Pikes live just a few houses away from the Braddock's, and on the same side of the street in Stacey's Lie.

In Mary Anne and the Zoo Mystery, Slate Street is close to Elm Street, Burnt Hill Road, Bradford Court, Kimball Street, and Fawcett Avenue are within walking distance to each other.


  • Pike Family - 134
  • Mrs. Murphy
  • The Spencers, live next to the Barrett Family before they moved


  • The Pike kids and their friends start a Christmas caroling group in Here Come the Bridesmaids!. They start at the Clements' but it's unclear how close they live or if its on the same street. According to Mallory Pike they have a college age son.

Former Residents[]