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Smita Narula is a new student at Riverbend Hall Boarding School. She becomes friends with Mallory Pike who is also new. She is only seen in The All-New Mallory Pike.


She has shiny black hair, black eyes, and light brown skin. She is of Indian descent; both of her parents are originally from New Delhi before moving to New York City.


She is a new student at Riverbend after she decided to enroll when friends introduced her to it. Smita started at the same time as Mallory and both girls were nervous about starting classes. They both live in the same building.

Smita, Jen Bodner, and Sarah Bernhardt helped Mallory clean up her dorm after Alexis trashed it with the help from the girls on the floor.


  • She is friends with Sarah, who had given her the nickname Smee after the pirate from Peter Pan.
  • Smita is the first friend Mallory makes at Riverbend.
  • She and Sarah knew each other from their old school.
  • Smita is one of the few Indian characters in the series.