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The Baby-Sitters Club: Songs for My Best Friends was a soundtrack for the book series that was released on October 13, 1992 by Warner Bros. Records. It was released on both CD and cassette tape, and re-released with a new cover in 1994.

Track listing[]

Tracks 1-9 are written by Jeff Barry, Kelly Sachs, and Leslie Spiro. Track 10 is written by Glen Roven.
  1. Dance - 3:55
  2. Good Time - 3:56
  3. In Your Shoes - 4:56
  4. Him - 3:48
  5. We Will Inherit the Earth - 4:32
  6. Dear Diary - 4:12
  7. Telephone Talk - 4:44
  8. School Is Cool - 4:15
  9. Slumber Party - 3:42
  10. Say Hello to Your Friends - 3:12


  • Leslie Spiro - lead vocals, backing vocals, songwriter
  • Jeff Barry - songwriter, producer
  • Kelly Sachs - backing vocals, songwriter
  • Richard Goldsmith - producer
  • Mark Spiro - arrangement, programming, mixing, recording
  • Bobby Huff - arrangement, programming
  • Deborah Forte - executive producer
  • Glen Roven - songwriter


  • The first nine tracks were written specifically for the book series. Track 10 was written for the 90s TV series.
  • The cast of the 1990 TV series performed on a float to the song 'Dance' in the 1992 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  • The soundtrack features an extended version of the TV series' theme song with new instrumental and vocal recordings.
  • The most noticeable differences between the two covers is the changes in the background of the cover, the logo, the soundtrack's title and Mary Anne's hair.
    • In the original 1992 release the cover is light pink with different symbols on it and the logo is the official logo to the series but with dark pink blocks and yellow letters, the name of the soundtrack is white and Mary Anne's hair is long.
    • The 1994 release has a solid dark pink background with no symbols, the official logo as it is seen on the main book series, TV series and most merchandise, the soundtrack's name is yellow and Mary Anne's hair is short like in later books after she cuts her hair.
  • The back cover of the soundtrack was also changed between its initial release press and its re-issue. The most noticeable differences is the track title's coloring, and the pictures used for the BSC members. In the 1992 original release the soundtrack title is dark pink while the re-issue is yellow. Kristy's and Jessi's pictures are the only ones not altered between the two releases, while the re-issue uses Mary Anne, Claudia, Stacey, Mallory and Dawn's pictures use the images on the soundtrack's cover. The track listing on the original is black and italics while the re-issue is white and bold. Deborah Forte is not credited as the executive producer on the back of the 1992 release while she is on the 1994 release.