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The Special Olympics Unified Team, more commonly called Unified Team, is a soccer team located in Stoneybrook, CT. It is only mentioned in Abby the Bad Sport.


Lots of kids from several schools have been recommended to play either as partners or as athletes. The Unified Team are made of players who have mental retardation and players who don't. The players who have mental retardation are referred to as athletes and the plays who don't are referred to as partners. The Team combine athletes and partners of similar age and athletic skill for training and competition.

The Stoneybrook United chapter has been set up so that no single player is a superstar or anything. The restaurant that was going to sponsor them can't, so the team is looking for a new sponsor.

Members of the Baby-sitters Club formed a booster club to help them get money for t-shirts. They also had recruited the Krusher Cheerleaders (Charlotte Johanssen, Haley Braddock, and Vanessa Pike) to cheer the team on.

Logan Bruno notices at the first game that they needed to work on their teamwork. They weren't moving the ball around very well and shouldn't rely on one player to score for them.




  • Coach Wu is the captain; she was once on the varsity team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Sandy and Petra were trained as goalie.