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Spelling Bee is the eleventh book in The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series. It focuses on student Hank Reubens.

Back Cover Summary[]

Hank Reubens likes math problems and puzzles and games. He is not afraid when Ms. Colman announces the big spelling bee.

But there is a war going on in the second grade. The girls want Debbie Dvorak to win the spelling bee. And the boys want Hank to win. Can Hank win the spelling bee for the boys?


Characters In This book[]



  • Mr. Reubens
  • Polly and Susan Reubens


Places In This Book[]


  • On the dedication page it says: "This book is for Brett, Katelyn, and Jenna Godwin."
  • Continuity: On page 23 and 24, the spelling bees from Karen's Prize is talked about.
  • Real life and pop culture references: Clue (board game),
  • Hank sits in the very last row with Jannie, Hannie, and Nancy. Bobby sits up front so Ms. Colman can keep an eye on him. Then Chris sits behind Bobby.
  • Hank and Ian are sometimes friends with the other boys in the class.
  • In Mr. Bergers room Debbie Dvork and Edwin Grant were doing well on their spelling bees.
  • Burger Town is mentioned in passing.
  • The school didn't have a betting policy before this book.