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The Springer Family are clients of the Baby-sitters Club who live in Stoneybrook, CT.


The family lives at 62 Elm Street. In Claudia and Crazy Peaches, Claudia Kishi is the first person in the club to sit for her.

In Karen's Kite, Natalie's paternal grandfather, who lives in St. Louis, dies.

Mrs. Springer sews Natalie's clothes to have her name and address sewn into them so they never got mixed up with anyone else's in Second Grade Baby. This makes Natalie embarrassed but she gets her stuffed animal, Buzzy, back in the end.

In Karen's Kittens, it's mentioned that Mr. and Mrs. Springer let Natalie have a pet, but something small like a gerbil instead of a kitten.

Family Members[]

Extended Family[]

  • Uncle Ned and aunt Rosie (unknown side)
    • Jeffrey
    • Sally
    • Amy
  • Uncle Vic


  • Natalie's aunt and uncle live in Massachusetts and Natalie goes to visit them for Thanksgiving in Karen's Surprise.
  • Mr. Springer is an architect in Karen's Big Job.
  • Uncle Vic just bought a sports car. It was damaged in Karen's Hurricane from water that was flooded up to the dashboard.
  • Karen's Sleepover is the only book where Natalie mentions having a sister.
  • Mrs. Springer is the room parent in Second Grade Baby.
  • Karen notes that Mr. and Mrs. Springer wears glasses that fall down their noses, and their socks fall down too just like Natalie in Karen's Kite.