Stacey Hates Shopping is one of the seven Mini Books that came with the 1993 Kenner BSC Dolls.

Mini book series premiseEdit

The stories contained in all seven mini books that came with the Kenner dolls were set on the same day, a Saturday, in the same location, the Washington Mall. Dawn, Mallory, Kristy and Mary Anne are responsible for charges, while Claudia, Stacey, and Jessi are at the mall on their own or with friends. In the stories (when mentioned), the characters are wearing the same outfits as their dolls.


Stacey is at the Washington Mall with her boyfriend, Robert Brewster, to look for a dress for the Stoneybrook Middle School basketball team dance. She is with Claudia, who needs a dress for the same dance. The three of them head to Stacey's favorite clothing store, Steven E. Stacey tries on a bunch of dresses, none of which seem to work. Robert starts to get bored and Claudia goes off to shop elsewhere. After Stacey is about to give up, Claudia returns holding a bunch of bags in one hand, and a floral print blouse and matching miniskirt. Stacey loves this outfit, and the three of them, running late, rush back to meet the others.

Full StoryEdit

Stacey Hates Shopping complete mini book


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