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Stacey McGill
Full name

Anastasia Elizabeth McGill


Kristy's Great Idea
Welcome Back, Stacey!
Stacey and the Bad Girls


Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye
Stacey vs. the BSC




April 3


Manhattan, New York City




Edward McGill (father)
Maureen Spencer (mother)
McGill Family


Stoneybrook Middle School


7th - 8th

First Appearance

Kristy's Great Idea

Final Appearance

Graduation Day

Portrayed by

Jessica Prunell (TV)
Bre Blair (Film)
Shay Rudolph (Netflix Series)

Anastasia Elizabeth "Stacey" McGill was one of the four original members of the Baby-Sitters Club. She is the treasurer of the Baby-Sitters Club. She made her first appearance in Kristy's Great Idea. Stacey starts out the series in seventh grade and twelve-years-old until Logan Likes Mary Anne! when she joins eighth grade at Stoneybrook Middle School. She turns thirteen sometime prior to Kristy's Big Day. She is in eighth grade and thirteen for the reminder of the series.

Narrated Books

Stacey narrates the following books in the series:

The Baby-Sitters Club Main Series:

The Baby-Sitters Club: Mysteries Series:

Friends Forever Series: (individual books)

Additional Books

Personal Information

Physical Description

Stacey is described as very pretty, tall, and quite thin with huge blue eyes framed by dark lashes and fluffy blond hair that's been permed (curled) and pale skin in Kristy's Great Idea. She has her hair cut just above her shoulders and looks older in Claudia and Mean Janine. She wears her hair pretty much the same each day as described in Stacey's Emergency. After she dresses up for a fancy dinner, Edward McGill says that she looks exactly like her mother in Stacey's Choice. Her hair is described as a darker blond color then Dawn's in Mary Anne's Makeover.

In the BSC Graphic Novels, she is illustrated with long blonde hair until Dawn and the Impossible Three, whereafter she is illustrated with a short blonde bob.


She dresses like a model as described by Mary Anne Spier in Mary Anne Saves the Day.

Stacey wears nail polish and has her ears pierced. She has a great pulled together looking outfits but doesn't wear the same clothes all the time. She likes to experiment with new looks. She put small braids in her hair with Claudia's help in the back. She wears a pair of khaki safari pants, topped with a jungle-print blouse and a leather belt in Mary Anne and Too Many Boys.

More of her outfits are described here.

Personality Traits

Stacey can't read on the bus since it gives her a headache. She is described as sophisticated, smart, outgoing, very grown-up, and sensitive. Stacey is not a morning person. Is part workaholic (like her father) and partly laid back (like her mother). She likes to dress nicely and look good. Stacey is not afraid of scary movies or ghost stories. She is non-confrontational, like her father; she would rather sidestep an issue than fight about it. She states she doesn't believe in the supernatural or astrology in Mallory and the Mystery Diary.

She considers herself an agreeable person in Stacey vs. the BSC.

Stacey calls herself bold, but not bold enough to go up to someone and introduce herself to a stranger in Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation.

Childhood Experiences

Stacey was born on April 3rd in New York City at 2:22 A.M to Edward McGill and Maureen McGill at Mt. Sinai Hospital with a smile on her face. She took her first steps at 10 months old. Started talking before the age of two. Moved from Greenwich Village at age 3. Stacey grew up in NYC on the Upper West Side, lived in the tenth-floor apartment. She had her own room with windows that looked out onto Central Park.

When she was seven, her mom bought her a pair of expensive white patent leather shoes which she insisted on wearing home, promising to be careful. Stacey stepped in a mud puddle right in front of her mom, as mentioned in Stacey and the Bad Girls.

In Stacey and the Fashion Victim, she mentions that she's loved fashion for as long as she could remember. She likes to draw dresses and shoes and was in charge of costumes for the school play.

She had many nightmares around the age of four. She was taken to the Plaza for her 4th birthday. At 5 Stacey was on Cinderella's float in the Macy's Parade. She knew how to navigate the subways by the age of ten and bought all her own clothes by the age of twelve. Her parents took her to a psychotherapist before her diabetes was diagnosed. Stacey had to give up soccer practice.

She has been in the hospital a few times and once missed a whole month of school. Goobaw, an old teddy bear that's missing one eye and most of his fur and is rubbed bare, has always been a comfort to her. Amelia Jane was a ratty ten-year-old doll Stacey once loved.

Stacey fainted a couple of times in school at Parker Academy in New York because of her diabetes (before she knew she was diabetic) in The Truth About Stacey.

When she was Charlotte Johanssen's age, she went through a Harriet the Spy phase which was mentioned in Kristy and the Cat Burglar.

In Claudia and the Disaster Date, she mentioned that she tried to make earplugs out of gum in the second grade. She had to cut most of her hair off.

In Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, she told Charlotte that she was scared of thunderstorms when she was little. She would hide in the linen closet since it was the smallest room in the apartment with Raggedy Andy.

When she and Laine Cummings were eleven they watched a movie, being filmed on a street in downtown Manhattan. Their parents were eating in an outdoor cafe halfway up the block, but the two kept running down the street to watch it being filmed mentioned in Stacey's Movie.

In Claudia and the First Thanksgiving, she mentioned that she once saw the Marx Brothers movie festival once when she was in New York at an old theatre.

In Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade, she mentioned in the sixth grade, her mom's friend that was an interior designer, saw her room and impressed when she found out that Stacey had done it herself.

She mentioned that her parents once took her to a an auction at an art gallery in the East Village in Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever.

One time she took the subway all the way to Coney Island, sometime before the events of Kristy's Great Idea.

Moving Experiences

She first moved to Stoneybrook in August before seventh grade and lived at 612 Fawcett Avenue. She and her parents moved back to NYC to 14 West 81st St., Apt 12E when her father was transferred back. After her parents split up, she and her mother moved back to Stoneybrook and moved to 89 Elm Street.


Sometime after she was diagnosed with her diabetes, Stacey had an insulin shock at school and fell face first into the tomato soup. She had to be taken away in an ambulance, which was mentioned in The Truth About Stacey.

When she was in New York, she went to a private school called Parker Academy, where she didn't have to wear a uniform. Stacey can take the subway and taxi cabs by herself. She takes the subway to school.

Stacey and her family first moved to Stoneybrook, Connecticut the summer before seventh grade. Previously, she had lived her whole life in New York City. She and her family moved to Stoneybrook so Stacey could get a fresh start after being diagnosed with brittle diabetes which led to missing a lot of school and falling out with her friends (including best friend Laine Cummings) in the process. Part of the cause for the move was because her parents were protective after her diabetes diagnosis and thought she needed a peaceful little town and to be away from her former friends.

While in the eighth grade (after a year of living in Stoneybrook), Stacey's father gets transferred back to New York, and the family has to pack their bags and return. When she moves back to New York, she lives at 14 West 81st Street, Apartment 2E. The move back to New York happened in Book #13 Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye. Less than a year after moving back to New York, Stacey's parents start arguing over her father's workaholic ways and her mother's shopping addiction, and they get a divorce. Stacey's mother wants to return to Stoneybrook, but her father has to stay in New York because of his job, so Stacey had to choose which one she wanted to live with. Stacey chooses to go back to Stoneybrook with her mother but visits her father in New York regularly. She came back to Stoneybrook in book #28 Welcome Back, Stacey!

Stacey learned how to surf and was in a car accident in Super Special #5 California Girls!. She had her first kiss in Book #8 Boy-Crazy Stacey with Toby while she was in Sea City. She sneaked SunLite in her suitcase while she was packing for Sea City in Boy-Crazy Stacey.

Claudia painted a portrait of Stacey called "Anastasia Fantasia" in Book #83 Stacey vs. the BSC. She loves the movie Mary Poppins and says she watches it at least once a week; in Book #6 Kristy's Big Day, she went to see it at the movie theatre with her charges. She also said that she wanted to watch Mary Poppins at The Baby-Sitters Club sleepover in Book #9 The Ghost at Dawn's House. She loves pigs and can do a good Porky Pig voice, as revealed in Book #10 Logan Likes Mary Anne. Stacey has a telephone in her bedroom but not a private line like Claudia's. She never wants her friends in The Baby-Sitters Club to see her give herself insulin injections. Stacey practiced on oranges when she was learning to give herself these shots.

She temporarily helps coach Kristy's Krushers in Kristy and the Copycat when Kristy makes the girls softball team.


She has a pig collection in her room. She has posters of New York at night, Empire State building, and a map of Manhattan on the walls of her room. She also had a poster of a kitten in a tea cup given to her by Mary Anne Spier. Her curtains are lace; the bed is brass with a blue satin quilt. She also has a second-hand bureau that Stacey and her mom painted white, a desk, and a flower-patterned rug. She hangs frame paining of a counterfeit "Stacey" bill by Claudia over her bed. It's a large, red, white, and blue bill with a great sketch of her in the middle. She can see the living room from her bedroom in New York City.

She has a clock radio in her room in Stacey and the Bad Girls.




She worked at the Kid center at Bellair's for the summer in Stacey and the Bad Girls.


Stacey has a severe form of type 1 diabetes called brittle diabetes, which she explains in both The Truth About Stacey and Stacey's Emergency She gives herself insulin shots every day and stays on a secret diet. She must test her blood to see if she needs insulin. Stacey describes her condition as being that her pancreas doesn't make enough insulin, so her blood sugar can become out of control. She can't eat desserts and sweets but can eat fruit. She doesn't want to be treated differently because she's sick.

Dr. Frank is her specialist in Stoneybrook.

Not everyone at Stoneybrook Middle School knows about Stacey's diabetes, but everyone in the BSC knows. Her BSC friends thought she was anorexic at first when they first met her.

In Kristy and the Dirty Diapers she mentions that she carries around packs of honey and raisins with her in case she has an insulin reaction.

In Stacey's Emergency she mentions that she had bronchitis, the flu, and sore throats while she was feeling bad.

Stacey mentions that she had chicken pox before in Baby-sitters' Summer Vacation.

Diabetes-related incidents

  • Fainted and gone into insulin shock at school in NYC.
  • Wet the bed and went to therapist
  • Hospitalized because of it.
  • Talks to Dana Cheplin about her diabetes in Stacey McGill, Super Sitter.
  • Volunteers for a month at a diabetes clinic talking to kids with diabetes in Jessi's Wish.
  • Stacey was feeling shaky in Logan Likes Mary Anne! Her doctor adjusted her insulin dosage.
  • Her doctors change her insulin because her body is changing, and she feels better in Stacey's Emergency.

Baby-Sitting and Club Experiences


Stacey can baby-sit until 10:00 on weekends and 9:30 on weeknights. She's not usually allowed to sit on both the afternoon and evening of a school day. Her number one baby-sitting tip is to never count on being able to do homework at a job.


Charlotte Johanssen is Stacey's favorite sitting charge is Charlotte Johanssen. They call each other "almost sisters." Charlotte used to be shy and had no friends, but Stacey helped her come out of her shell. Charlotte really missed Stacey when she was in New York City in Books #14 - #28. They have a special bond, and the rest of the club members let Stacey take the jobs with Charlotte whenever Stacey is available. She never stopped sitting for Charlotte even when she wasn't in the BSC.

Henry and Grace Walker are her favorite NYC clients. Her first baby-sitting job is for Alice O'Connell on Pine Island white Mr. McGill is taken to the hospital.

Her first baby-sitting job through the BSC was for David Michael. Claudia and Mary Anne were busy and Kristy didn’t want her first job through the club to be for her brother.


Stacey is the treasurer of The Baby-Sitters Club, meaning she collects the club dues on Mondays, keeps track of how much money they have in The Record Book, and makes sure the treasury isn't too low. Stacey is good at math and can add up big numbers in her head in a matter of seconds. Dawn, being an alternate officer, took over Stacey's job during her absences (the first when she was in New York and the second being when she quit the club).

Stacey loves being the treasurer, and her prowess with math is the reason she is the BSC's treasurer. She keeps the treasury money in a manila envelope. Stacey loves receiving the dues (even if it's not hers to keep) and hates to part with the money, even just five dollars to pay for a Kid Kit item. Stacey quit The Baby-Sitters Club in Book #83 Stacey vs. the BSC but later came back. After she moved back to NYC in Book #13 Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye, she called herself The New York Branch Of The Baby-Sitters Club.

She used to put up signs in the laundry room for her NYC apartment in order to get sitting jobs. Stacey is the first sitter to sit for David Michael Thomas and the Gianelli Family.

In Stacey vs. the BSC she ended up quitting the club due to preferring her social life and thinking she is too mature for the rest of the BSC (except Claudia). She rejoins four books later in Stacey and the Bad Girls and is on on probation. Her probation ends in Farewell, Dawn.

School-Related Experiences


She is in eighth grade and great at math. Stacey has Ms. Gonzalez for science class but not at the same time as Dawn Schafer; she's not too good at it. She is in a high school level math class upon return to Stoneybrook in Welcome Back, Stacey!. She has Mr. Zizmore (her favorite teacher) for math, the current unit is pre-algebra. Math is her last subject of the school day.

Ms. Levine is her homeroom teacher. She doesn't like having gym in the middle of the day because it leaves her all sweaty and gross. Mr. Fiske is her English teacher. Takes math for real life with Mr. Schubert. She takes project work class with Mr. Withum, the last class of the day. Ms. Bernhardt is her social studies teacher, she shares with Abby Stevenson.

Stacey once missed a whole month of school while in the hospital.

Extracurricular Activities

She tries out for the cheerleading team but doesn't make the squad in Stacey and the Cheerleaders.

Stacey auditions for Peter Pan and plays Mrs. Darling in Starring the Baby-sitters Club!.

She's on the decorations committee for the Mischief Night Masquerade in Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade. She also is part of the decorations committee in Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap.

Stacey joined the math club in Stacey the Math Whiz and has been part of the club since.

Stacey is vice-president of the dance committee in Logan Likes Mary Anne!.

She tutors Lindsey DeWitt briefly in Stacey the Math Whiz and Claudia in Claudia's Freind Friend. She's shown to be rather strict.

She's on the Pep Squad in Stacey's Secret Friend.

Getting to School

She and Mallory Pike use a code on school mornings. A white towel on Mal's porch means she wants to walk to school with Mary Anne, Stacey, and Dawn to school. A red towel means that she has to walk her siblings to school.


She is Mr. Zizmore's star student. Stacey had the highest math scores in the district in Stacey the Math Whiz.

Skills and Abilities

Stacey is learning how to use a computer. She knows how to do a slip stitch in Kristy and the Missing Child.

Social Activities


Stacey goes to the Snowflake Dance and several others with Pete Black. She goes with Howie Johnson to the Remember September Dance and a few others. She goes to the Halloween Hop with Kelsey Bauman in Kristy's Mystery Admirer. She goes on a double date with Austin Bentley, Laine Cummings, and Pete Black to the Valentine Dance. She and Laine argue leaving the dance early. She went to the Winter Wonderland Dance with Austin Bentley. She goes to the dance at Shadow Lake, the January Jamboree, and the Spring Dance at the community center with Sam Thomas.

Stacey went to the school spring dance alone. She dances with Pierre D'Amboise at the Leicester Lodge Dance. She dresses up as Morticia Addams for the Mischief Night Masquerade and goes with Robert Brewster who is dressed up as Gomez Addams.


In Stoneybrook her current best friend is Claudia Kishi, partly because they are both very into boys and clothes. They met at school sometime before Book #1 Kristy's Great Idea when Stacey dropped her notebook in the hallway, and Claudia accidentally stepped on it. They became best friends instantly. She often calls Stacey "Stace." Claudia grew up with Mary Anne Spier and Kristy Thomas because Kristy and Mary Anne lived next door to each other and had introduced them to her.

She and Erica Blumberg have always been friendly.

In the Baby-sitters Club: Friends Forever series, she becomes friendly with a girl named Rachel Griffin.

Stacey lists qualities of a good friend in Stacey and the Bad Girls, this includes: smart, funny, cool, fabulous dresser, someone who likes to shop, a good listener, someone who makes me feel good, someone she enjoys making happy.

In New York, Stacey's best friend in New York is Laine Cummings. Laine and Stacey had a big fight that lasted throughout the sixth grade. They made up in The Truth About Stacey; later on, they permanently end their friendship in #51 Stacey's Ex-Best Friend.

She befriended a new girl named Alison Ritz while she was in New York (before she ever lived in Stoneybrook), and Laine was jealous. Petey Squires became one of her friends later. She had stopped being friends with Deirdre Dunlop because of her diabetes. Bobby Reeder was someone that Laine had convinced Stacey was contagious.

In second grade she was friends with Erin Tuki and Missy Manheim in kindergarten.

Boys and Boyfriends

Stacey had a huge crush on Sam Thomas, Kristy's older brother, early on in the series. He liked her back too, but nothing much came of it. In Super Special #8 Baby-sitters at Shadow Lake Sam and Stacey interacted much more throughout the story and had a very romantic moment in the end. They break up on friendly terms however. More details are discussed here at Stam (Stacey and Sam).

She dates Robert Brewster from Stacey and the Cheerleaders to Stacey's Broken Heart. They usually go out on one date a week, Friday or Saturday night. Stacey learns that Robert has been seeing and kissing Andi Gentile and breaks up with him.

In Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye, Stacey states he went to a few school dances with Howie Johnson. Even though she did not consider him to be her boyfriend, Stacey seemed confused when he asked Dorianne Wallingford to go to the library with him. In the end, Claudia and Stacey decided Howie was a jerk.

Wesley Ellenburg had a huge crush on him despite being the student-teacher. She gives him a poem and dances with him at the Spring Dance. He tells her that they'll just be friends in Stacey's Big Crush.

Pete Black is her sort-of boyfriend; they sit together at lunch and talk on the phone in The Truth About Stacey. He later falls for Dorianne.

Stacey has a crush on Ross Brown and he likes her too in 'Stacey's Emergency.

Piere D'Amboise is (to Stacey at the time) the world's cutest guy. They meet after she tailgates him on skis at Leicester Lodge. He becomes her "first meaningful crush" and they kiss. They dance and exchange addresses afterward in Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation.

Terry Hoyt is cute and she meets him in Stacey and the Mystery Money. They go on a date and bump into Sam and Kathy. Terry kisses her good night. She's sad when he says that he must move away to be with his father. There's no way for them to keep in touch; they kiss again.

RJ Blaser asks her out to a movies, they don't have much in common, although Stacey does get to bask in the glow of his popularity in Stacey and the Cheerleaders.

She gets the number of Ethan Caroll (a cute fifteen year old artists' helper to the Walkers) in Stacey's Broken Heart.

Stacey has a crush on lifeguard Scott Foley in Boy-Crazy Stacey. He is older than her and has a girlfriend and she ended up liking Toby instead. She had her first kiss with him on the Tunnel of Luv ride.

In the Friends Forever series she and Claudia fight over a boy, Jeremy Rudolph. Stacey dates him for a bit before he broke up with her in Stacey's Problem.

Relationships With Adults

Stacey is close with Charlotte's mother, Peggy Johanssen. Doctor Johanssen often asks how Stacey's diabetes is doing, even though she's not her doctor, because she cares about her. Stacey often goes to her with her problems, such as in Book #3 The Truth About Stacey.

Non-BSC Travel

Boy-Crazy Stacey was the first time she was away from her parents since she was diagnosed with diabetes. When she was seven, the McGills went to a dude ranch. When she was eight she went with the Cummingses to San Francisco. When she was nine Stacey went to Ireland and Scotland. When she was 10 she went to Pine Island, ME. She has also been to St. Thomas Resort. She went to Martha’s Vineyard with her mom sometime before her parents got divorced. Her dad didn’t go with them because he had to work.


  • She lives at 89 Elm Street, Stoneybrook, CT.
  • Her birthstone is a diamond.
  • Stacey can speak French very well, and she was taught it in kindergarten at her school in the city. 
  • Her family is of French and Scottish descent.
  • Stacey once dyed her hair red in The Baby-Sitters Club Chain Letter.
  • If she could be any animal she'd be a lion or a panther.
  • Stacey wants to save up money to get a red convertible sports car when she's old enough to drive.
  • In Stacey and the Fashion Victim she mentions that one day she wants to be a design, editor of a fashion magazine, or the owner of a fashion-oriented business when she's older.
  • In Claudia and the Little Liar, Claudia mentions that Stacey likes to swim and bike but not a super athlete. She swims breast stroke for the sports festival in Jessi's Gold Medal.
  • Stacey hates being the center of attention at big events.
  • In Mary Anne's Revenge she was voted most likely to be seen in Beverly Hills.
  • In Stacey's Movie she mentions that she considered going to school to be an engineer. She also says that sometimes she feels uncertain about the future.
  • In Stacey and the Fashion Victim, she mentioned that she wants to be a designer, or maybe the editor of a fashion magazine, or even the owner of some major fashion-oriented business.
  • In Claudia and the Disaster Date she mentions that she never played mini golf before. In the Sea City books, Stacey mini golfs with the Pike Family while on vacation.
  • In Claudia and the First Thanksgiving, Claudia mentions that she has the ambition to run a small business one day.
  • In Stacey and the Mystery at the Mall she mentions she wants to go to business school and play the stock exchange. She also mentions running a small company.
  • She likes to doodle on the front of her notebook in Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade.
  • Stacey dots her lower-case i’s with hearts.
  • The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to her was when she was out shopping with her mom one time. They bought this great pair of earrings, and then started talking with the sales clerk. When they finished their conversation she waved good-bye, and left without the earrings. Stacey remembered them about a half hour later, and had to go all the way back to the store, as mentioned in Beware, Dawn!.
  • She resents her parents for getting divorced in Stacey's Choice.

Media Portrayals

TV Series (1990)

She is portrayed by actress Jessica Prunell. This is the only Stacey that perms her hair like the book character. There is a Stacey episode where she is a model, the only time she is ever a model is in the Mystery series.


She is portrayed by actress Bre Blair. As perms were starting to fall out of fashion, she doesn't perm her hair.

2020 Netflix Series

She is portrayed by actress Shay Rudolph. As perms are not in fashion, she doesn't perm her hair. This version of Stacey also seems to be aware of some business practices as well. She and Mary Anne almost went bikini shopping together, which wasn't in the book.


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