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Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap is the sixth book in the Baby-sitters Club: Friends Forever series by Ann M. Martin.

Back Cover Summary[]

Could Stacey's life get any crazier? Not one, not two, but five of her ex-boyfriends are converging on Stoneybrook over one weekend. From Toby, a long-ago summer boyfriend, to Ethan, her most recent older-boy ex - Stacey's going to have to do a lot of boy-juggling. And then there's Stacey's current boyfriend, Jeremy, who Stacey suspects is really in love with Claudia.

What's a girl to do?



Stacey's Family

BSC Members





Pop Culture and Real-Life References[]

  • The ball dropping in New York
  • Frankenstein
  • Yale

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]



  • In Boy Crazy Stacey, it's mentioned that Toby has two older sisters. When he comes to Stoneybrook in this book, it's because he's looking at colleges for his older brother.


  • This the final appearance of Toby, Mr. Zizmore, and Wesley Ellenburg within the BSC series.
  • Edward has never gone to Times Square to see the ball drop on New Years Eve, even though he's lived nearby all of his life.
  • Stacey was on television in the first chapter.
  • Ethan visits Stoneybrook when an artist he likes has his art on display at the Stoneybrook Museum.
  • Claudia has relatives in New Jersey.
  • Pete Black though that Wes was a boring teacher
  • Kristy never had Mr. Zizmore as a teacher.
  • Ethan had his hair cut recently.
  • Mary Anne's new bedroom will have a cottage theme.
  • Stoneybrook Middle School has an alumni committee.
  • Stacey and Sam talked about math on their dates.
  • Stacey almost cried on Mr. Zizmores last day of class.
  • Toby calls Stacey babe.
  • Toby wants to join the military after college.
  • Claudia had a last minute sitting job and missed Mr. Zizmore's party.
  • Wes Ellenburg is going to be Mr. Zizmore's replacement.
  • Jeremy and Stacey officially broke up.