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Stamford Ballet School is the professional ballet school Jessi attends in Stamford.


There's only ten girls in the class and a few boys mentioned in Jessi's Secret Language.

The school hosts a free six-week dance class in Jessi and the Awful Secret. At the end of the six-week class, they hosted a show for the parents to watch. Watson Brewer and Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer created a scholarship to take ballet lessons for a year. Martha Roberts and Devon Ramirez are the students that win.

Jessi arranges production of Coppelia to be signed in Jessi's Secret Language. Mrs. Braddock and Haley Braddock signs the play for the deaf students in the audience during a special showing.

Jessi Ramsey has classes on Tuesday and Friday in Jessi and the Awful Secret.

There's an office with a phone that students used in Snowbound. Jessi notes that there was a radio that sat there that didn't work. The boys that were snowed in tried to fix it. A large bathroom is attached to each changing room.



Permanent Students[]

Students from Other Dances Classes[]