Starring Jessi Ramsey! is one of the seven The Baby-Sitters Club Mini Books that came with the 1993 Kenner BSC Dolls.

Mini book series premiseEdit

The stories contained in all seven mini books that came with the Kenner dolls were set on the same day, a Saturday, in the same location, the Washington Mall. Dawn, Mallory, Kristy and Mary Anne are responsible for charges, while Claudia, Stacey, and Jessi are at the mall on their own or with friends. In the stories (when mentioned), the characters are wearing the same outfits as their dolls.


Jessi arrives at the Washington Mall with the goal of buying toe shoes and new tights, because dancing a lot means wearing out a lot of clothes. Before she has time to start shopping, her friend from ballet class, Julie Mansfield, greets her. Julie is standing by a platform in the middle of the mall next to a group of kids Jessi recognizes from Julie's jazz dance class. They are scheduled to perform at 11 am as part of the Saturday Brunch series at the mall.

After they tell Jessi this, they sheepishly add that they want to cancel, because they don't feel prepared to perform. Jessi offers to watch a rehearsal, and realizes they need a lot of work. Jessi practices with them, showing them how to sharpen their moves. After Jessi helps them for a while, Julie changes the sign next to them from 'The Phenomenal Five' to 'The Sensational Six', suggesting that Jessi will join them. Jessi protests that she's not dressed in dance clothes, but Julie reminds her that her class is all wearing street clothes. Jessi dances in the performance and makes her jazz dance debut with her BSC friends cheering her on after they return from their shopping trips.

Full StoryEdit

Starring Jessi Ramsey complete mini book


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