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Stephie Robertson is an 8-year-old girl from Palo City, California that Mary Anne Spier baby-sat for during the BSC's visit to California and she bonded with her.


She has a nanny named Joanna, who usually baby-sits for her. Stephie used to pretend Joanna was her mom, but it isn't the same. Her morning baby-sitter while Joanna is away is Lisa Meri. She wrote a story called "The Special Flower" in which Dawn Schafer as a surrogate mother-type. She and Dawn are "almost sisters" like Stacey's relationship is with Charlotte.

In California Girls!, it's mentioned her mother died when she was young and her father is described as overprotective. Stephie reminds Dawn of Mary-Anne. She used to be painfully shy, but has started coming out of her shell, befriending her new neighbor, Margie. Stephie has asthma due to emotional distress in the book. She uses an inhaler & pills to treat her medical condition. Before Mary Anne leaves Stephie has an asthma attack because she would miss her too much since they had bonded. She and Mary Anne become pen pals at the end of the book.

In Dawn and the We ♥️ Kids Club, she writes a story and wants to illustrate it. She plans on dedicating it to Dawn.


  • She loves reading & and is described as an excellent reader.
  • Stephie's bedroom is described as young-looking with pink bunnies everywhere & pictures of storybook characters on the wall in California Girls!
  • She lives near the DeWitt family and goes to school with Erick and Ryan DeWitt.
  • She looks like her mother.

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