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The Stevenson Twins are identical twins that attend Stoneybrook Middle School with the members of the Baby-sitters Club. They first appear in Kristy and the Dirty Diapers.



They were born on October 15 in Long Island to Rachel Goldberg and Jonathan Stevenson one month earlier then intended. Anna is about eight minutes older than Abby.

When they were younger, Anna would wear blue to school and Abby would wear red so people could tell them apart. In first grade they were separated in school and sat in different rows to be able to tell the difference between them. In Abby's Book, Abby recalls when Anna would get hurt, she would feel it and vice versa. Abby tells a story about when she and Anna were school shopping; Anna wanted a backpack that looks like a piano and Abby wanted one with sports on it. They realized that they weren't doing things the same and ended up getting identical backpacks.

In Abby's Lucky Thirteen they remember flushing shoes down toilets, cutting their own hair, and eating play-doh mixed with bananas. They had sleepovers at Grandmother Ruth's and remember having brownies and bear hugs. They had magic markered Gram Elsie's living room walls.

In Abby's Un-Valentine, it's mentioned when they were younger Abby and Anna bought a box of the heart shaped candy to give to their parents for their anniversary. Abby ended up eating the whole box and paid Anna back her half.


  • Before Abby and Anna were introduced in Kristy and the Dirty Diapers, the 'Name the Twins' contest was held to determine their names:
    • Before the twins' official names were chosen, they were called "Lucy" and "Ethel" in drafts of upcoming books, after I Love Lucy characters. Abby was called Lucy and Anna was Ethel, respectively.
  • According to Ann M. Martin's Dear Reader Letter for Welcome to the BSC, Abby!, Abby was created to be Jewish and a twin because many readers had asked for a character with those traits.
  • Abby and Anna's mother did not allow them to play with their food as children.
  • Abby and Anna would tell their classmates that their mother worked for the CIA not telling them that it stands for the Culinary Institute of America.
  • They used to switch places when they were younger.