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The Stone Family is a couple that lives in Stoneybrook, CT. They don't live far from the Spier/Schafer Family.


They live on farm that kids like to visit. Mrs. Stone usually has cookies or a treat to offer the kids as mentioned in Abby's Lucky Thirteen.

Mary Anne Spier and Dawn Schafer baby-sit her goat, Elvira, for three weeks in Stacey's Big Crush.

Mrs. Stone hosts a summer play group in Aloha, Baby-sitters! which Mallory Pike and Kristy Thomas help with.

In Karen's Sleigh Ride his barn burned down. He and his wife temporarily moved their animals to the Spier/Schafer Family barn. The library board with help from the Baby-sitters Club and volunteers threw a winter festival on the property. They were able to rebuild by the end of the book.

Mrs. Stone runs a farm camp in Karen's County Fair.

They are converting to be an organic farm in Mary Anne and Camp BSC.

In Karen's Runaway Turkey, Mrs. Stone takes in Archie, a turkey, from Ms. Colman's Class.

Family Members[]

  • Harold Stone
  • Mrs. Stone

Farm Animals[]

  • General Sherman (horse)
  • Ike (horse)
  • Elvira (goat)
  • Chickens
  • Cows
  • Screaming Yellow Honker (Goose)


  • Mrs. Stone is friendly with Mrs. Towne, to where she has a spare key to water her plants and get her mail when she's in the hospital.
  • There is a lake on their property mentioned in Karen's Sleigh Ride.
  • Mrs. Stone sits on the library board.
  • Richard and Sharon are friendly with Mr. and Mrs. Stone