1990 Calendar Map of Stoneybrook

Map of Stoneybrook from the 1990 BSC calendar.

 Stoneybrook is a small fictional suburban-like town in the state of Connecticut in The Baby-Sitters Club book series by Ann M. Martin. Stoneybrook is the hometown of many of the characters in the books, including the Baby-Sitters Little Sister book series by Ann M. Martin which focuses on Karen Brewer, Kristy Thomas' little stepsister. Stoneybrook was first mentioned in Book #1 Kristy's Great Idea.


The zip code for Stoneybrook is 06800, which according to The Baby-Sitters Club Secret Santa, it shares with the nearby town of New Hope.

The town has a mayor and town council. There is one local newspaper, a radio station, and a downtown area. Stoneybrook is part urban, part country, and the outskirts are rural. The mail is postmarked in Stamford. The people from Stoneybrook are called "Stoneybrookites."


The city closest to Stoneybrook is Stamford (which is a real city in Connecticut). It is approximately an hour from New York City by train that goes to Grand Central Station. Stoneybrook is only a few exits away from Stoneybrook on the expressway. Several adults in the town commute to [[Stamford].

Hartford is ninety minutes away, it borders the Long Island Sound.


Stoneybrook was founded in 1791 and was built over ancient burial grounds. During World War 2 Mayor Armstrong was one of the few men remaining in Stoneybrook because he had a heart problem

There was a huge storm when the BSC were in the first grade that closed down school and left the town without electricity or phones for two days.







Schools Edit

Other Places/BusinessesEdit

  • Stoneybrook Public Library
  • Stoneybrook General Hospital
  • Beliers
  • Community Center
  • Movie Theatre
  • Stoneybrook Gazette
  • Train Station
  • Stoneybrook News
  • Stoneybrook Bank
  • Gloriana's House of Hair
  • Stoney brook Cemetery
  • Ambrose's Sawmill
  • Arboretum
  • Housing Council
  • Humane Society/Animal Shelter
  • Old Fairgrounds
  • Stoneybrook Arts Center
  • Stoneybrook Historical Society
  • Stoneybrook Manor
  • Stoneybrook Police Station
  • Stoneybrook Town Hall
  • Strip Mall
  • Brenner Field
  • Carle Playground
  • Miller's Park
  • Kendallwood Farm
  • Bloomers
  • Bohren's Movers
  • Connecticut Bank & Trust
  • Davis Diapers
  • Ellway's Kennell
  • Embassy Theatre
  • Fitness Faze Health Club
  • Fun City
  • Hurley's Garage
  • Kuller's Gallery
  • Mr. Storks Diapers
  • Pierre's Dry Cleaners
  • Rockaway and Sons
  • Thompson, Thompson, & Abrams
  • World Tours

Civic Organizations/ClubsEdit




  • In Jessi's Big Break, Jessi mentions that most of the shops close at 9.
  • The train station is not very big.
  • There is a strip mall downtown.
  • There are three World War 2 memorials in Stoneybrook listed by their names.
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