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Stoneybrook Academy 2a door Colman intro

Door to classroom 2A of Stoneybrook Academy, as shown at the beginning of every The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class book.

Stoneybrook Academy is the private school where most of the activities in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series and the The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series take place.

The other elementary schools in Stoneybrook are Stoneybrook Elementary School, the public school that most of the BSC charges attend, and Stoneybrook Day School, a private kindergarten to twelfth grade school.


Stoneybrook Academy has been around since at least 1935 in Karen's Treasure, however it celebrates it's 25th anniversary in May which was mentioned in Karen's Tattletale. In Twin Trouble it's said that there is 230 students at Stoneybrook Academy. The students do not have to wear uniforms.

In Karen's Big Fight, Elizabeth mentions there's an application process to get into the school.

Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer and Watson Brewer are members of the parent's council as mentioned in Mallory and the Mystery Diary. Their children Andrew and Emily Michelle will attend someday.

Ms. Colman's class got their first computer in Karen's School Surprise. It's mentioned that there is a computer room, however, it only has three computers.

In Karen's Pizza Party is mentioned that there was work done on the cafeteria and auditorium over the summer. Since it was not fully done, work went into the school year. While the classrooms were being painted, classes were held in the cafeteria or an empty space.

There's a hall monitor group called the Red Brigade in Karen's School Mystery. Students get elected by their class once a month and they get special badges and belts. There's a ceremony at the end of the month giving the next person their badge and belt. Anyone starting in second grade is on the Brigade. Mrs. Noonan is in charge of the group.

Students at the Academy tried out for parts of the Stoneybrook Middle School production of Peter Pan in Starring the Baby-sitters Club!. They were used to play as the natives of Neverland and the Darling children (besides Wendy).

In Karen's Tattletale there's a school song that the students sing at the end of anniversary week.

Individual and class photos are taken in Karen's School Picture, the kindergartners go first and ends with the fifth graders.


In Karen's School Bus Karen mentions that if she and Hannie lived a little closer, she and Hannie could walk to school avoiding the bus ride. It’s within walking distance to McLelland Road when Karen walked to school before she got caught.

From Forest Drive Karen tells us that you turn right, then left, go straight, turn right and then you're in the parking lot in Karen's Turkey Day.


Many of the classrooms are arranged around a courtyard, Ms. Colman's class is one of them in Karen's Ducklings. Stoneybrook Academy has an auditorium and a gym, but not a separate art room.

In Karen's Hurricane, there used to be a giant oak tree on the playground. It was knocked over during the hurricane and Seth Engle used the tree to make a bench. A new tree grows in its place.


They got their first choir in Twin Trouble.

Karen Brewer, Nancy Dawes, Hank Reubens, Sara Ford (Ms. Colman's room), Edwin Grant, Debbie Dvorak, Mia Waters, and Oliver Chang (Mr. Bergers room) were part of the star club in Spelling Bee with Mrs. Ellis in charge of them. Mrs. Titus picked the students in the club. There's about 50 students in total but the students spend time with those around their grade level. The second grade and the first graders are together.


  • There is a winter carnival that is held at the end of every January. The money that is raised goes to new library books, classrooms, and equipment for the gym.
  • They have their first annual Fix-Up Day in Karen's Hurricane, where each class does a special project to clean up the school. Sixth graders painted the lockers and a mural in the cafeteria. Mr. Berger's second grade class collected litter, rake paths, and spread new bark chips in the swing area. Ms. Colman's second grade class planted new shrubs.
  • In the middle of December there is a Fun Night hosted by students on a committee in Karen's Magician. Karen Brewer and Edwin Farley ran for the second grade representative for the Fun Committee. Ms. Williams and Mr. Berger were the teachers on the Fun Night Committee. There was one representative for each grade.
  • In Karen's School Bus there is a Fall Festival hosted to raise money to buy new books for the school library. Karen's class hosts a cake walk.
  • In Karen's Candy, the school hosts a Halloween Parade. Ms. Colman's class helps a kindergartner create a costume for the parade.
  • In Karen's Tattletale, the school celebrates it's twenty-fifth anniversary with a week of different events including: a science fair, field day, switch day, Jamboree Night, and more.
  • There's a school wide field day and picnic in Karen's Field Day. There's eight events: fifty-meter sprint, four-hundred meter run, four-person relay race, standing long jump, sack race, wheelbarrow race, three legged race, and water balloon toss.
  • In Karen's Runaway Turkey, there's a special assembly held before Thanksgiving. Every class is expected to preform something in it.

Administration and Staff[]

  • Mrs. Titus (principal)
  • Mrs. Pazden (school nurse)
  • Ms. Agna (secretary in LS#101)
  • Mr. Fitzwater (custodian in LS#115)
  • Mr. Perkins (guidance counselor LS#79)
  • Mr. Counts (librarian)
  • Ms. Stanton (librarian LS#79)



First Grade[]

Second Grade[]

Third Grade[]

Fourth Grade[]

  • Mrs. Kind (fourth grade teacher)
  • Ms. Williams (fourth grade teacher in LS#55)
  • Mrs. King (Twin Trouble)

Fifth Grade[]

Sixth Grade[]

  • Mrs. Chen (sixth grade science teacher LS#70)


  • Mrs. Noonan
  • Mrs. Ellis (fifth and sixth grade science teacher)
  • Mr. Saffron (music teacher and choir director)
  • Ms. Holland (substitute teacher)
  • Mr. Baker (unknown, but knows about computers in LS#101)
  • Mrs. Mackey (gym teacher)
  • Mr. Mackey (art teacher)
  • Mrs. Brown (gym teacher LS#61 and LS#13)
  • Mrs. Hoffman (substitute teacher)
  • Miss Pettig (substitute teacher)
  • Mrs. Dade (music teacher in LS#37)
  • Mr. Prata (gym LS#61)
  • Mr. Abrams (unknown - escorts Karen to her second grade class in Teacher's Pet)




First Grade[]

Second Grade[]

Ms. Colman's Class[]

Also See: Ms. Colman's Class

Mr. Berger's Class[]

Third Grade[]

Fourth Grade[]

Fifth Grade[]

Sixth Grade[]

Unknown Grade[]

Karen notes that PJ and Randall are bigger kids and are at least two years ahead of Karen in school.


  • Colleen and Carter Lewis were Mr. Berger's class representatives for the Safety Patrol in Karen's School Mystery.
  • The principal was Ms. Garber in Karen's Doll.
  • In Karen's Kittycat Club students in Karen's class were Heather, Nina, Kim, and Vicky.
  • In Happy Holidays, Jessi Bob and Sharelle Ingram are mentioned to go to this school. He’s seven and she’s five, it's unknown what grade they are in. Since there's only two classes per grade and if Bob's in second like Karen, he could only be in Mr. Berger's class.
  • Karen's Prize is the only book where eighth graders are mentioned to be part of Stoneybrook Academy on page 55 and 56. Almost every book following it goes up to sixth grade and sometimes fifth grade.
  • Karen's Prize is also the only book the Stoneybrook Academy News is mentioned.
  • According to Karen's Show and Share, the school has vans.
  • In Spelling Bee, any kind of betting is against school rules, which was first mentioned here.
  • In Holiday Time, Marcus Ford is mentioned to go to Stoneybrook Academy. He is 9 years old, but depending on what time the year he is born, he could either be in the third or fourth grade.