Stoneybrook Academy 2a door Colman intro

Door to classroom 2A of Stoneybrook Academy, as shown at the beginning of every The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class book.

Stoneybrook Academy is the private school where most of the activities in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister series and the The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series take place.

The other elementary school in Stoneybrook is Stoneybrook Elementary School, the public school that most of the BSC charges attend.


  • Stoneybrook Academy has been around since at least 1935.
  • Many of the classrooms are arranged around a courtyard, Ms. Colman's class is one of them.
  • The students do not have to wear uniforms.
  • Stoneybrook Academy has an auditorium.
  • There is a winter carnival that is held at the end of every January. The money that is raised goes to new library books, classrooms, and equipment for the gym.
  • In Twin Trouble it's said that there is 230 students at Stoneybrook Academy.
  • They got their first choir in Twin Trouble.
  • Elizabeth and Watson are members of the parent's council.
  • Andrew and Emily Michelle will attend someday.
  • They have their first annual Fix-Up Day in Karen's Hurricane, where each class does a special project to clean up the school.
    • Sixth graders painted the lockers and a mural in the cafeteria
    • Mr. Berger's second grade class collected litter, rake paths, and spread new bark chips in the swing area.
    • Ms. Colman's second grade class planted new shrubs.
  • Ms. Colman's class got their first computer in Karen's School Surprise
  • In Karen's School Bus Karen mentions that if she and Hannie lived a little closer, she and Hannie could walk to school avoiding the bus ride.
  • In the middle of December there is a Fun Night hosted by students on a committee in Karen's Magician.


Kindergarten Edit

  • Polly and Susan Reubens
  • Leah Frenning
  • Shawn
  • Becky
  • Fred
  • Ari Spelling
  • Roger Halpern

First Grade Edit

  • Peggy

Second Grade Edit

Ms. Colman's Class Edit

Mr. Berger's Class Edit

  • Bob Ingram
  • Carter Lewis
  • Colleen
  • Christina
  • Debbie Dvorak
  • Edwin Farley
  • Edwin Grant
  • Liddie Yuan
  • Mary Washburn
  • Mia Waters
  • Michael Davidson
  • Michelle Rivers
  • Nina Bluesky
  • Oliver Chang
  • Tracey Bannon 

Third Grade Edit

Fourth Grade Edit

Fifth Grade Edit

  • Hadley Smith
  • Kathy Crawford
  • Nicole Seegal
  • Hilary

Sixth Grade Edit

  • Robert

Unknown Grade Edit

Administration and Staff Edit

  • Mrs Titus (principal)
  • Mrs Pazden (school nurse)
  • Ms. Agna (secretary)
  • Mr. Fitzwater (custodian)
  • Mr. Perkins (guidance counselor)
  • Mr. Counts (librarian)
  • Ms. Stanton (librarian)



  • Mr. Posner (kindergarten teacher)

First GradeEdit

Second GradeEdit

Third GradeEdit

Fourth GradeEdit

  • Mrs. Kind (fourth grade teacher)
  • Ms. Williams (fourth grade teacher)

Fifth GradeEdit

  • Ms. Kushel (fifth grade teacher)

Sixth GradeEdit

  • Mrs. Chen (sixth grade science teacher)


  • Mrs Noonan (music teacher, head of the "Red Brigade")
  • Mrs. Ellis (fifth and sixth grade science teacher)
  • Mr. Saffron (music teacher and choir director)
  • Ms. Holland (substitute teacher)
  • Mr. Baker (unknown, but knows about computers)
  • Mrs. Mackey (gym teacher)
  • Mr. Mackey (art teacher)
  • Mrs. Brown (gym teacher)
  • Mrs. Hoffman (substitute teacher)
  • Miss Pettig (substitute teacher)


  • Mrs. Fulton (unknown)
  • Mr. Wickersham (unknown grade)
  • Mr. Prata (unknown)

Trivia Edit

  • Karen Brewer, Nancy Dawes, Hank Reubens, Sara Ford, Edwin Grant, Debbie Dvorak, Mia Waters, and Oliver Chang were part of the star club in Spelling Bee.
  • Ms. Colman's class has two guinea pigs as their class pets: Hootie and Evelyn. Hootie was first introduced in Teacher's Pet. Evelyn was introduced in Karen's Grandad and they had babies in the same book. The babies were raffled off between Mr. Berger and Ms. Colman's students.
  • Colleen and Carter Lewis were Mr. Berger's class representatives for the Safety Patrol in Karen's School Mystery. Before Karen and Addie were elected it was Chris Lamar and Jannie Gilbert. 
  • Karen Brewer and Edwin Farley ran for the second grade representative for the Fun Committee in Karen's Magician.
  • The principal was Ms. Garber in Karen's Doll.
  • In Karen's Kittycat Club students in Karen's class were Heather, Nina, Kim, and Vicky.
  • In Claudia and Crazy Peaches Natalie points out that Leif and Lindsey were in her class with her.


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