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The Stoneybrook Baby Parade is a local event in Stoneybrook, CT. It's only shown in Kristy and the Baby Parade.


Kristy Thomas sees an ad for the parade in the Stoneybrook News. The parade is held every two years. It's a big event in which parents in all kinds of wild costumes and win prizes.

Some of the kids are in strollers, some are in go-carts or wagons, and some are on big floats that hold a whole bunch of kids.  There are all these different divisions for different age groups and types of entries.

The ad described Division A, which would include “children in fancy, decorated go-carts, strollers, coaches, or kiddie cars.”  Division B was for children in “comic, decorated go-carts, strollers …”  Divisions C and D were for floats of various sizes. Every entry has to have a theme including the babies in strollers.

There would be a grand marshall for the parade, and judges who would pick first-, second-, and third-place winners in each division.  All children under the age of three were eligible to enter.  The ad said to watch for applications.

Kristy Thomas recalls a float one year that was called “Circus Days.”  It featured a twelve-foot-high elephant on wheels!  Or the “Wild West” float with a cowboys-and-Indians pageant being acted out on top of it.

Members of the Baby-sitters Club created a float with the theme of "The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe." It ended up looking bad. The girl scouts made a float with the save the animals theme and babies dressed as endangered species. Others had a Star Wars, Merry-Go-Round, and Wizard of Oz theme.

Andrea Prezzioso was entered with her dressed up as a queen and her stroller a coach. Her mother was a member of her court.

The themes for the wagons included: Little Miss Muffet and Good Night Moon.

The Go Cart division winner was Kevin Davis with a Rambo theme.

The Morse family won the third place of the float division with with Wizard of Oz float. The first place was won by a person with a Merry-Go-Round theme.


BSC Float[]

Stroller Division[]


  • Andrea won first place in her division
  • Slim Peabody was the grand marshall, he used to be a celebrity when Watson Brewer was a child.