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The Stoneybrook Community Center is a public recreation and education center in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. The center offers a variety of classes, events and amenities for the residents of Stoneybrook. There is a Community Center bus that drops kids off at their homes after their classes.


In Baby-sitters' Island Adventure, it's mentioned that the center is close to the Long Island Sound.


They host a spring dance in Claudia's Freind Friend.

They also host Stoneybrook Day Camp, where Jessi and Mallory work as counselors in Stacey's Lie under Ms. Lebeque. Some of the clients the BSC sits for attends the camp.

In Abby and the Best Kid Ever, the community center hosts an exhibition for Black History Month. Students at all the local schools were to submit projects or volunteer.

The All Stoneybrook Dance was held here in Kristy and the Sister War.

In Abby and the Notorious Neighbor, the center sponsored the first annual go cart race. The winners of the race would decide which charity their prize money would to. The race route was on the part of Burnt Hill Road that swoops past Carle Playground. Various sitting charges entered the race including: Becca Ramsey, Charlotte Johanssen, and Vanessa Pike were a team called the Glory Girls. The Pike triplets and Nicky Pike formed another team, calling themselves the Fleet Four. The Rodowsky Family also entered. The Korman Family entered without telling anyone and won. The pize money would get donated to the winning teams designated charity. They donated the money to a homeless shelter.

In Jessi's Wish they host an art class with Claudia Kishi as one of the volunteer instructors and Mr. Renfrew. It meets on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. The class has seven and eight year olds. Some of the students in her class are Karen Brewer, Jackie Rodowsky, Margo Pike and Reid.

In Happy Holidays, Jessi, the center agreed to host a Kwanzaa festival in the gym on New Years Eve. Their play was hosted in the conference room.

Ross Brown and Anna Stevenson went on a date to see the Stoneybrook String Quartet on Valentine's Day hosted here in Abby's Un-Valentine.

Ms. Cox runs a program in synchronized swimming at the pool complex. The synchronized swim team was part of the sports festival in Jessi's Gold Medal. There are sixteen girls on the team; Hannah, Elise Coates, Abby, Kate, Monica and Jessi Ramsey are some people on the team. Both Jessi and Elise end up quitting by the end of the book. The team now has fourteen members.

In Karen's Christmas Carol, the center is putting on a production of A Christmas Carol. By the time Ms. Colman announces it, the adults have been cast and children were still needed. Karen Brewer and Pamela Harding both play Ignorance and Want. Andrew Brewer plays as Tiny Tim.

Anita and Don run an infant care class in Kristy and the Baby Parade. It's a six week course that the BSC participates when Madeleine Prezzioso signs them up. All of the BSC gets a certificate with Kristy Thomas getting the highest score on the test at the end. They meet Mrs. Salem at the classes who is later seen in Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies.

They host a craft fair in Stacey McGill, Super Sitter. Claudia was giving out business cards hoping to make custom track suits for Valentine's.


  • Has three pools in the community pool complex: Olympic sized pool, wading pool, and diving pool all outdoors. There's a playground, snack bar, and first aid station located near the bathroom and showers in Mary Anne and Too Many Boys.
    • The diving boards have three heights: low, medium, and high dive
  • There is a game room with ping-pong table.
  • Basketball court
  • Art room
  • There's a big conference room with a little elevated area that can act as a stage.
  • Auditorium




  • Creative Theater - children's class, takes place on Thursday afternoons; Myriah Perkins takes this class (SS#4)
  • Dog obedience training - for puppies; takes place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons (#118)
  • Sailing (SS#4)
  • First Aid - Shelly Golden is the instructor (109)
  • Synchronized swimming - with Ms. Cox (#55)
  • Mrs. Braddock works with deaf adults here.
  • Computer lessons - including website building (FF#11).
  • Tennis
  • Infant care course - six weeks with Anita and Don a certificate is awarded at the end (#45)
  • Dance classes (SS#4)
  • Art lessons (SS#4)