Stoneybrook Day School is a private school in Stoneybrook. The school is made up of four brick buildings set around a grass courtyard & connected to each other and to the adminstration office in front by covered walkways.

The offices are in a old house. The land for the school was donated by a woman who usd to live in the house. The gym, track, and playing fields are in the back of the school.

Dr. Patek is the headmistress and her office is in the adminstration house, but she makes a point of being around the buildings when classes are starting for the day.

Everyone wears uniforms to school; Shannon Kilbourne's uniform consists of a blue plaid jumper over a white short-sleeved blouse. On the last day of school, students are allowed to wear whatever they want. Sometimes, if a student is interested in a subject, the school will even let a student set up a unit for credit.


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