Stoneybrook Elementary School is a public elementary school in Stoneybrook, Connecticut. Students from the elementary school would go on to Stoneybrook Middle School and eventually Stoneybrook High School.


Most of the BSC charges attend the elementary school. It is in a neighborhood close to many of the BSC members because sometimes they take their charges to play on the playground. Kristy, Mary Anne, Claudia, and Mallory also attended Stoneybrook Elementary as children.

The school sponsors Pens Across America, a national pen pal program for second to fifth graders. The kids write to students at an elementary school on a Zuni reservation in New Mexico.


It is not known which street it is on, but it is probably in the non-ritzy part of Stoneybrook because David Michael has to take a bus to school every morning when he moves into Watson's mansion in the ritzy area on McLelland Road.

The Barrett/DeWitt Family home is on Chestnut Street, which is close enough to the school for the kids to walk to the playground. The school is around the corner from a barbershop. It is a short distance from Bradford Court and Slate Street. Kimball Street is somewhere between SES and Stoneybrook Middle School. The Pike Family walks from the school across Burnt Hill Road down to their street.


In Stacey the Math Whiz they host a math fair for second grade and up. Several of the Pikes', the Braddocks, Charlotte Johanssen, the Barrett/DeWitt Family, Sophie McCann, and Bruce Cominsky.

In Jessi's Baby-sitter, they hosted a science fair.


Staff and AdministrationEdit

  • Mrs. Swallow (librarian)
  • Ms. Stotler (temporary principal)
  • Ms. Reynolds (principal)
  • Mrs. Randolph (nurse)
  • Mr. Peterson (janitor)
  • Ms. Handy (janitor)



First Grade Edit

Second GradeEdit

Third GradeEdit

Fourth GradeEdit

Fifth GradeEdit



  • Mrs. Kushel (Claudia, Kristy, and Mary Anne's kindergarten teacher)

First GradeEdit

  • Mrs. Frederickson (Mary Anne, Kristy, and Claudia's first grade teacher)

Second GradeEdit

  • Ms. Fairmont
  • Mr. Eccles (Claudia's second grade teacher)
  • Mrs. Jeffries (Mary Anne's second grade teacher)
  • Mr. Moser (second grade)

Third GradeEdit

  • Mrs. Colquiet (Claudia's third grade teacher)

Fourth GradeEdit

  • Mr. Barnes (Mal's fourth grade teacher)
  • Ms. Ellison (Mary Anne's fourth grade teacher)
  • Mrs. Jameson (Claudia and Kristy's fourth grade teacher)

Fifth GradeEdit

  • Ms. Besser

Unknown GradeEdit

  • Mr. Anderson
  • Mr. Bowman
  • Ms. Cook
  • Miss Packet (Claudia, Mary Anne, and Kristy's first grade art teacher)


  • Kristy's Krushers practice here on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  • There are woods behind the school with a little clearing.
  • The playground has a slide, jungle gym, and picnic tables.
  • Margo Pike's class has a pet chinchilla named Graybaby and they had a spelling contest over who would take him home from the summer.
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