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Stoneybrook High School is the only public high school in Stoneybrook, Connecticut and part of the Stoneybrook Public School District. Students from Stoneybrook Middle School and Stoneybrook Elementary School will eventually attend this high school. Stoneybrook Day School is the only other high school in the area.


Stoneybrook High School has been around since at least 1935 in Karen's Treasure. Kristy Thomas and Karen Brewer found a map at the Stoneybrook Public Library with the school pictured.

The school store sells school supplies and memorabilia. Charlie gets a charm at the store that was a replica of SHS ring for Mary Anne to give to Sharon Spier for her birthday present in Mary Anne and the Great Romance. They have a costume shop that supplies wigs for the Sixth Grade Follies in Jessi's Horrible Prank.

The school auditorium is big enough to have a balcony as noted in Claudia and the Great Search.

Kristy says the high school students get out later than middle school students in Graduation Day.


The school is likely on Rosedale Road; Janine Kishi turns left off Bradford and crosses the street then takes a quick right onto Rosedale Road in The Mystery at Claudia's House. Claudia notes that she was just heading back to the high school on page 92 in the book.


In Claudia and the Recipe for Danger, the contest was held in the gym of Stoneybrook High School. The faculty lounge is where the day care is held. The faculty lounge has a microwave, refrigerator, and a sink. The terrarium was broken in chapter nine.

In Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost, Janine mentions that there is a gargoyle that sits above the high school entrance. The students have named it Fred. It was a yearly high school tradition to host "Fred Parties" where they would dress up the statue. In recent years the administration has become anti-Fred.

The debate about spirit month at SMS is held in the high school's auditorium. At the high school, there was a riot in their parking plot. WSBK covered the event there in Dawn and the School Spirit War.

It's mentioned in Graduation Day it's mentioned that kids comes to SHS from all the middle schools in Stoneybrook as well as middle schools for a couple of other towns. There will be over a thousand kids at SHS according to Kristy Thomas.

The high school hosts the Run for Your Money event in Dawn's Big Move.

They hosted the Little Miss Stoneybrook Pageant in the auditorium in Little Miss Stoneybrook ...and Dawn.

In Karen's Monsters, the high school hosts a Halloween parade. It is supposed to generate interest in the homecoming football game. Every group or club or team, is going to make a float for it. The football team's float is called Monsters of the Gridiron, Charlie Thomas is in charge of making the Frankenstein monster. Math Club has a float that Sam Thomas was part of.

Sam Thomas organizes a fundraiser on Halloween weekend in Karen's Chicken Pox for a class trip during spring break.

Students at SHS tried out for parts of the Stoneybrook Middle School production of Peter Pan in Starring the Baby-sitters Club!. They were used to play as the older characters; two high school students play Mr. Darling and Captain Hook.

The school has an awards ceremony for an excellence in English, math, foreign lanuages, and outstanding leadership qualities. There's an award for most accomplished science student at the community college, which was only given away once ten years prior to Claudia and the Great Search. Janine Kishi is presented the award of a plaque and a 250 check. A photographer and reporter from the Stoneybrook News is present.

Clubs and Organizations[]

In Dawn and the Older Boy debate club, drama club, pep club, computer club, and the Latin club is all brought up during the conversation between Dawn Schafer and Travis.

In both Claudia and the Great Search and Karen's Monsters the school band is mentioned, the Glee Club mentioned in the former. The Eighty-Eights is the piano players group.


There is a basketball, track, football, soccer, and tennis teams that are talked about in Dawn and the Older Boy. The football coach is Coach Larson. Coach Higgins and Coach Reilly are mentioned to coach football and basketball. Sara is the captain of the swim team. Cole West is on the junior varsity basketball team as mentioned in Welcome Home, Mary Anne.

In Karen's Monsters, Buddy Chester is the captain of the soccer team. The soccer team plays against Deerfield. The football team has a rivalry against the Bricktown Bulldogs, whose captain is Ellis Woods. Last year the Stoneybrook football team stole their team mascot. The following year Bricktown stole Frakenstone, the monster on the float that the SHS football team made for the parade.


Janine takes bio-chemistry, astrophysics, French, computer programming, physics, and astronomy. It's unclear which classes she takes at the the university and which ones are at the high school.

In Karen's Big Job, there's a woodworking class offered, Sam and Charlie take it together.

Administration & Staff[]







Unknown Grade[]

  • Alex Gable (M#34)
  • Buddy Chester (LS#66)
  • Tiffany Sweet (SS#15)
  • Frankie, Lindy, Anna, Tracy, Alexa, Morgan, and Val (TSM)