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The Stoneybrook Historical Society is a public building in Stoneybrook, CT. It's first mentioned in Logan Likes Mary Anne!.


The Society is run completely by donors. They keep track of historic places including the home of Abigail Grey, a Quaker and member of the abolitionist movement, as mentioned by Abby Stevenson in Abby and the Best Kid Ever.

In Mary Anne and the Secret in the Attic, they raised money to renovate an old sawmill . The Heritage Day celebration is hosted by the society and held in Miller's Park. The parent child picnic before the heritage day for Stoneybrook Elementary School was held here.

They have big plans for Ambrose's Sawmill in Mary Anne and the Silent Witness.

In Stacey and the Mystery of Stoneybrook the Stoneybrook Historical Society had asked the developer to save certain parts of the house for preservation. There was supposedly a huge marble fireplace that was in perfect shape, and the society wanted to preserve it. There were supposed to be some neat old lighting fixtures, from way back when Stoneybrook first got electricity.

The society sponsored an essay contest for the first, second, and third graders of Stoneybrook in Karen's Runaway Turkey. The grand-prize is a live turkey, first prize is twenty dollars, fifteen dollars for second, and ten dollars for third prize. Students who enter the contest must write about a person they are thankful for and then explain how they will show their thanks to that person this Thanksgiving.


In Abby and the Best Kid Ever the society has old newspapers and letters. The archive of newspapers goes back through the history of Stoneybrook. They have a wanted poster of Harriet Tubman.

There is a microfiche machine.


  • Ms. Kellogg (President in LS#115 and M#24)
  • Mrs. Vanderbellen - hosts charity dinners (LS#115)