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Stoneybrook Ice Arena is a public building located in Stoneybrook, CT. It is only in Karen's Figure Eight.


They sent out shiny brochures advertising for skating lessons. Lessons for Karen's group is on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday with Mrs. Harris.

There is an area reserved for Coach Brown's students. Coach Brown was famous for coaching Olympic champions. He even coached a gold medalist named Michael Phaneuf. He was currently coaching Jillian Earhart during the events of Karen's Figure Eight.

The arena hosted the Festival on Ice, where the best skaters from all age levels perform. Both Ian Johnson and Karen Brewer are asked to skate representing their class at the show. They skated as a pair together. There's about twenty skaters, which is the biggest yet.

According to Bobby Gianelli the Penguins play at the arena and he saw a game.



  • It's located not too far from the "Little House" neighborhood.
  • From the arena the building looks like a huge white bubble.