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The Stoneybrook Lighthouse is a landmark in Stoneybrook, CT. It stands at the edge of an old jetty in the sound surrounded by razor-wire fencing. It is only featured in Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost and fixed up by the end of the book.


Claudia Kishi notes that if Stoneybrook had a "Most Ignored Building" award, it would definitely go to the lighthouse. It was boarded up as long as she could remember. Local kids say that it's haunted.

The property it sits on originally belonged to the Langley family.

Alex Hatt had a fight with Mr. Langley over the property. It was deeded to the Langley family before Alex allegedly "illegally" took it over. Mr. Hatt wanted to sell the land or fix it up and rent it.


Stacey McGill notes that the place is ugly and sticks out like a sore thumb.

The lighthouse window faces south overlooking the sound. They could see it from the road before the road curved around the lighthouse to the north. It had graffiti that looks like snakes crawling up the walls. Claudia Kishi had figured out the original colors of the lighthouse and chose the paint. It's now red and tan.

The inside first floor space is huge, in the middle of the floor a wooden spiral staircase (with a metal banister) wound upward from a basement, right on through to the second floor and the roof. Even thought the lighthouse is round, the floor is an odd shape because of a small room on the right.

Past History[]

Nine years ago, a bunch of students had "adopted" Fred, the high school's gargoyle, as a symbol for their Gargoyles gang. Sixteen-year-old Adrian Langley wanted to join that gang. As part of their initiation ritual, he was sent to the lighthouse to find a secret message. While he was looking for the message, the gang locked the front door. Even if Adrian was too scared to spend the night, he would have to do it anyway. However, Adrian had severe claustrophobia and jumped from the top of the lighthouse to get out. Alex Hatt rescued him from the water, but Adrian died three days later in Stoneybrook General Hospital from head trauma and overexposure.

After that event, Patrick Belknap, a member of the gang, tried to get into the lighthouse to find the secret message left for Adrian before the Hatts found it.