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Stoneybrook Manor is a nursing home located in Stoneybrook, CT.


The Manor is within walking distance of the Kishi and Pike Family house. The building is relatively new and houses about 55 residents. The residents are allowed to invite family or friends to eat with them, as long as they reserve space ahead of time. The thermostat is kept turned up because residents get cold easily.


The building is one story with lots of windows; plants and flowers along the front walkways, where people can sit outside and enjoy the sun in Mallory and the Ghost Cat. The lobby is small and crowded; a threadbare streak has been worn into the floor by shoes and canes and wheel chairs. The place is run down.

It is large enough to have its own multi purpose room.

Residents are allowed to invite family or friends to eat with them as they call ahead of time in Mallory and the Ghost Cat.


Members of the Baby-sitters Club put together Thanksgiving baskets for the residents in Get Well Soon, Mallory. They host a small carnival party for them.

In Mallory and the Ghost Cat, the Stoneybrook Humane Society brings animals from the pound every week for residents to play with.

Mrs. Krounauer is in charge of the first annual Christmas Boutique in Mallory's Christmas Wish. They had the fundraiser to build a new wing.

In Karen's Grandmothers, there is an Adopt-a-Grandparent program where kids from Stoneybrook Academy visit twice a week. A bus takes them to and from the school to the Manor. At the end of the book, the students in Ms. Colman's class put on a show for Manor residents as part of the Grandparents' Day program.


  • Mrs. Krounauer
  • Mrs. Fellows (activity director)
  • Ruth (secretary)


  • Ronald Hennessey, died
  • Uncle Joe
  • Esther Barnard
  • Mr. Conner, Uncle Joe's roommamte
  • Mr. Herman Schwartz
  • Bart Bartlesby
  • Mrs. Blanchard
  • Mrs. Brookes
  • Mrs. Carver
  • Mr. Hamilton
  • Mrs. Lymon
  • Mr. Mead
  • Mr. Renquist
  • Mr. Jack Rubin
  • Mary Wright
  • Mrs. Humphrey (LS#68)


  • There's a piano for residents to use in Mallory's Christmas Wish.
  • Mr. Rubin was training in film when he was serving in the military. He's also diabetic and has his own recipes.
  • BSC clients make new Christmas decorations for the Manor in Mary Anne in the Middle.