Stoneybrook Middle School, also known as SMS is a local middle school for kids grade 6-8 in Stoneybrook, CT. All of the members of the Baby-sitters Club attend school here (except for Shannon Kilbourne). Students from SMS will eventually go on to Stoneybrook High School.


SMS is one of the middle schools in Stoneybrook, including Stoneybrook Day School, and Kelsey Middle School. In Baby-sitters' Winter Vacation the school has about 382 students give or take. There are about six black kids in the school and Jessi Ramsey is the only one in sixth grade.

Homerooms are divided alphabetically and only lasts ten minutes. Stacey's homeroom has about seven rows of seats and a loudspeaker over the door. SMS bunches all of the grades into the high school for summer school. There is a PTO mentioned in Dawn and the School Spirit War. Lockers are numbered and combinations go right-twice to the left-right as mentioned in Mary Anne and the Memory Garden.

Their mascot is a jaguar as seen in Stacey's Secret Friend. There is a fight song that students sing at sports events. It was voted to change the mascot by the end of the book

The final bell rings at 3:30pm.


According to The Summer Before, the administration calls students at the end of the year if their lockers are not cleaned out neatly. Students are not allowed to put things up in lockers with tape in Claudia and the New Girl. Only one student at a time from each class is allowed to use the bathroom in Stacey's Ex-Best Friend.


The school is located at 358 Elm Street. The school is within walking distance of Bradford Court.


Friday Lunch is: Sloppy Joes, red Jell-o with canned fruit, coleslaw, milk, & fudgsicle. The hot lunches cost under a dollar. Each grade has a different lunch period. Students aren't allowed to leave the school premises for lunch.






The school does not have air conditioning mentioned in Kristy's Great Idea. Girls and boys are usually separated by a movable wall in the gym in Mallory Hates Boys (and Gym). The old equipment shed is burned to the ground in Kristy and the Copycat. The faculty lounge is down a mysterious hallway that leads to the auditorium with no window on the door, just a sign that says faculty lounge in Stacey and the Mystery Money.

Members of the BSC like to gather by the fence at the back of the parking lot in Mary Anne and the Library Mystery.

The basement has a dusty old storage room packed with ancient records in Stacey and the Haunted Masquerade. The BSC members go down to the basement through a door marked "No Entry" which leads to a dimly lit stairwell and heavy door. It also has janitors supplies. Cary Retlin likes to hang out in the basement sometimes.

The sixth grade wing is at the opposite end of the building from the eight grade wing. The library is near the eight grade wing.

In the far corner of the yard is a fat, comforting sycamore tree in Hello, Mallory. A tree is planted in Mallory Pike's name in The Baby-Sitters Club Secret Santa.

SMS has a new job board in Abby and the Secret Society. Room 116 is a biology classroom in Kristy and the Middle School Vandal. There is a playground and tetherball court outside of the gym door that Kristy and Mary Anne play on in Kristy's Great Idea.

At the end of Don't Give Up, Mallory! the library will have a lounge.

There is a memory garden in the courtyard, planted in honor of Amelia Freeman who had passed in a drunk driving accident. Barbara Hirsch and Josh Freeman speak at the groundbreaking ceremonies in Mary Anne and the Memory Garden. There is a big snowhill mentioned in Abby and the Best Kid Ever.

In Claudia and the Friendship Feud, Claudia's art teacher told her about a passageway next to the gym that teachers and janitors would use.


Student OfficersEdit

Sixth GradeEdit

  • Justin Price (president)
  • Mallory Pike (secretary)
  • Sandra Hart (vice president)
  • Lisa Mannheim (treasurer)

Seventh GradeEdit

  • Joanna Fried (president)
  • Duryan Weinstein (vice president)

Eighth GradeEdit

Athletic DepartmentEdit

There is a rivalry between SMS and Howard Township since Sharon Spier and Richard Spier were students. The baseball team does well. Chris Brooks is on the baseball team in Don't Give Up, Mallory!. The short takes teacher Damien Cobb is the assistant coach.

The Basketball team is called the SMS Chargers in Stacey and the Cheerleaders. Wayne McConville is on the basketball team with Robert Brewster.

Tonya Wright is a cheerleader from seventh grade in Claudia and the Lighthouse Ghost. Margie Greene is an eighth grade cheerleader mentioned in Abby's Un-Valentine.

Logan Bruno plays on the baseball, volleyball, track, and football teams.

Lew Greenberg is on the track team.

Jim Poirier is on the football team.


Short Takes classes are ones in which all the students in every grade take the same special class, it was first mentioned in Mary Anne and the Library Mystery.

There is an orchestra, one of the few in Stoneybrook, where Anna Stevenson plays the violin.


  • Leicester Lodge, Vermont (annual)
  • Hawaii
  • Europe
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Salem, MA

Clubs & OrganizationsEdit

  • Pep Squad
  • Art Club
  • Drama Club
  • Chess Club
  • Students Against Drunk Driving (SADD)
  • Mathletes


The sixth class raises money to donate something to the school as a lasting legacy. The BSC's class had raised money and donated the trampoline.

Five years ago the sixth grade had pledged a thousand dollars to go the SMS library fund. The money was to go toward purchasing furniture and magazine subscriptions for a student lounge in the library. It was never built and the money went towards building maintenance fund. The money repaired the roof and repainting some classrooms. Mallory Pike and the other sixth grade officers learned what happened and talked to Mr. Taylor. They had arranged it if they could raise the original amount the school would match it. At the end of the fundraiser they had raised 1,352 dollars in Don't Give Up, Mallory!

SMS hosted the final meet of the Connecticut State Mathletes Championship in Stacey the Math Whiz.

Dawn Schafer organizes a campaign to bring a recycling center to SMS, she gives announcements over the PA, passes out questionnaires. Mrs. Gonzalez asks Dawn to co-chair with her in Dawn Saves the Planet.

The students run and plan an auction to raise money for new computers in Kristy and the Worst Kid Ever.

April is the school spirit month. Dawn Schafer protests, helps end, and then revives on a voluntary basis in Dawn and the School Spirit War.

In Welcome to the BSC, Abby! the school system's art and music programs are threatened ty budget guys, but are saved by a fund-raiser.

In Mary Anne and the Library Mystery, a fire is caused by electrical problems. One classroom is put out of commission.

The school hosts a formal dance called prom in Claudia, Queen of the Seventh Grade. There is a tradition where students vote for a king and queen. The king and queen form their own court of friends to help organize the prom. The tradition goes back to the Great Depression and celebrated it's 61 year of doing it in the book. They have a fake crown and robe given in a ceremony. The Stoneybrook News covers the event.

In Claudia Makes Up Her Mind, the school hosted a color war. The color war is a competition among the grades in sports, spelling bees, bake sales, games, etc. The winning class receives a check from the Stoneybrook Chamber of Commerce to be donated to charity. In the book the sixth grade is white, seventh is orange, and eighth is blue. The seventh grade chose to donate to the Stoneybrook Adult Literacy Program if they won. During one period a day students did events.



Sixth GradeEdit

  • Mrs. Alpin - Language Arts
  • Mr. Dougherty - writing
  • Mrs. Frederickson - homeroom
  • Mr. Jazak
  • Mr. Michael Rothman - science
  • Mr. Trout- Computer Programming
  • Ms. Walden - PE
  • Mr. Williams - English
  • Mr. De Young - boys PE

Seventh GradeEdit

  • Ms. Halliday - girls PE
  • Mr. Peters - math
  • Mr. Redmont - social studies
  • Ms. Chiavetta - English
  • Ms. Spacey - science
  • Ms. Pilley - homeroom
  • Mrs. Hochberger (English)

Eighth Grade Edit

  • Ms. Anderson - Social Studies
  • Mrs. Belcher - English
  • Mrs. Bernhardt - Social Studies
  • Mr. Blake - homeroom
  • Mrs. Boyden - Modern Living/Short Takes
  • Ms. Colley - English
  • Mr. Wesley Ellenburg - math
  • Mr. Fiske - English
  • Ms. Frost - math
  • Ms. Garcia - drama/short takes
  • Mrs. Estelle Gonzalez - science
  • Ms. Griswold - science
  • Mrs. Hall - English
  • Ms. Harris - physical science
  • Mr. Lehrer - English
  • Ms. Levine - homeroom
  • Mr. Schubert - math for real life/short takes
  • Mrs. M. Simon - English
  • Mr. Withum - Short Takes
  • Mr. Zizmore - math
  • Mr. Zorzi - math
  • Mr. Redmond - unknown

Unknown gradeEdit

  • Mr. Bailey - English
  • Mr. Bellafatto - substitute computer programming
  • Ms. Bryan - substitute home economics
  • Mr. Cheney
  • Mr. Davies - math
  • Mr. Drubek
  • Ms. Flood
  • Mr. Geist - photography
  • Coach Halvorsen - basketball coach
  • Mr. Leavitt - track coach
  • Ms. Mandel
  • Coach Mills - football coach
  • Mrs. Rosenauer - PE
  • Ms. Vandela- Dolly 2
  • Mrs. Wegmann
  • Coach Wu - softball coach
  • Mr. Damien Cobb


  • Mr. Halprin
  • Mr. Milhaus
  • Mr. Steinmetz

Other/All GradesEdit

  • Mr. Counts - librarian
  • Mrs. Ensign - lunch monitor
  • Mrs. Dwyer - art
  • Mrs. Pinelli- music/orchestra
  • Miss Stanworth - home economics
  • Mr. Wong - art
  • Mrs. Orr - cafeteria worker
  • Ms. Kolinsky, teacher's aid


This is a running list of students in the school, at the time of BSC graduation from 8th grade in the final book Graduation Day.

Sixth GradeEdit

  • Ben Abbott
  • Laura Aronsen
  • Jeff Atkinson
  • Craig Avazian
  • Sanjita Batts
  • Ashley Bedell
  • Tom Block
  • Jimmy Bouloukos
  • Chris Brooks
  • Elise Coates
  • Liz Cohen
  • Kristin Condos
  • Danni
  • Dilys
  • Maria Fazio
  • Noah Fein
  • Josh Freeman
  • Helen Gallway
  • Sarah Green
  • Bobby Gustavson
  • Sandra Hart
  • Tom Harold
  • Ben Hobart
  • Glen Johnson
  • Renee Johnson
  • Wendy Loesser
  • Lisa Mannheim
  • Robbie Mara
  • Fiona McRae
  • Justine Moss
  • Mark O'Connell
  • Janet O'Neal
  • Benny Ott
  • Mallory Pike
  • Justin Price
  • Jessi Ramsey
  • Randy Rademacher
  • Rachel Robinson
  • John Rosen
  • Sally
  • Sean
  • Mara Semple
  • Jamie Sperling
  • Laura Nelson
  • Megan Armstrong
  • Jen Corn
  • Sara Erickson
  • Nan White
  • Valerie Martinez

Seventh GradeEdit

  • Ron Belkis
  • Davina
  • Anne Kennedy
  • Curtis Shaller
  • Liza Shore
  • Tonya
  • Stephanie Boxer
  • Tonya Wright
  • Joanna Fried
  • Jeannie Kim
  • Shira Epstein
  • Josh Peterson
  • Tim Ryan
  • Bonnie Lasher
  • Brandon Klein
  • Michael King
  • Nadine Luongo
  • Loretta Jorgensen
  • Jennifer Kline
  • Abigail Leib
  • Duryan Weinstein
  • Frank O'Malley
  • Mark Jaffe
  • Tom Blanton
  • Len Judson
  • Spud
  • Ron Tibbets
  • Jennifer Blye

Eighth GradeEdit


  • Jennifer Abrams
  • Corrine Baker
  • Barbara
  • Kelsey Bauman
  • Shawn Benedict
  • Roger Bucknell
  • Carly
  • Madeline Carver
  • Coreen
  • Miranda Elliot
  • Franklin Enell
  • Fran
  • G-Man
  • Bobby Henson
  • Alvin Hopper
  • Ice Box
  • Jackhammer
  • Malik Jaffrey
  • Andrea Kirkland
  • Kurt
  • Francie Ledbetter
  • Dennis Malek
  • Marcia
  • Lindsay McManus
  • Rose Marie Montey
  • Terry Morgan
  • Nathan
  • Harry Nolan
  • Jim Poirier
  • Steve Randazzo
  • Darcy Redmond
  • Julie Stern
  • Bob Stillman
  • Tallie
  • Theresa
  • Ethel Tines
  • Alex Turnbull
  • Amelia White
  • Petra Kosinski

Trivia Edit

  • The Winter Carnival funds go pays for the trip to Leicester Lodge.
  • The class president must have a B average
  • Jeff Cummings, Stacey McGill, Erica Blumberg, Grace Blume, Todd Long, Brent Jensen, Barbara Hirsch, and Cokie Mason are all on the Pep Squad in Stacey's Secret Friend.
  • Claudia does the layout of the school paper. Emily Bernstein and Jim Poirier write for the paper.
  • Justin Price once wrote a valentine to one of his teachers - one of the Dolly's in Stacey and the Stolen Hearts.
  • Christine Schneider was a sixth grade officer about a decade ago.
  • In Mary Anne's Revenge, Cokie Mason and Rick Chow are the yearbook editors. Mary Anne Spier, Abby Stevenson, and Austin Bentley are part of the yearbook staff. Mariah Shillaber and Woody Jefferson are copyeditors.
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