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The Stoneybrook Museum is a museum in located in Stoneybrook, CT.


The museum just opened in Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum. Exhibits are about an array of subjects such as science, history, and art. There is no major artists but some works by lesser known artists. The museum hosts the Don Newman Retrospective. Coins are stolen from a display case which are eventually found with the help of the Baby-sitters Club. There’s a big formal party planned for the last night of the Don Newman exhibit. Plus a cocktail party to celebrate the museum’s one month anniversary. And they’re going to have a special exhibit about historical Stoneybrook.

In Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap, the museum hosted a Van Sant exhibition. Ethan Caroll was going to go and see the exhibit.

In Claudia and the Mystery in the Painting, a children's room is is set up. It gives kids a chance to experience different art activities, called the Kaleidoscope Room. Mrs. O'Neal is in charge of the setting up the room.


In Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum, it's described in detail by Claudia Kishi. The floors are wood; there is no big echo-y hall and no fancy painting in gold frames. I is just a comfortable big building with white halls and lots of windows.

The main hall has large directory that tells about the displays. African masks hands near a display of drums.

The Discovery room has a giant robot display on recycling, an area devoted to teach kids what it feels like to live with different disabilities They could ride in wheelchairs, and try out crutches. A display showed how Braille works, with sample labels that the kids could “read” with their fingers. Also, there were mystery boxes. Kids had to try to guess their contents using only touch. There's also an electronic quiz board that has buzzers that sounded and lights that lit up when they pushed a button for the right answer.

The people move to the Science Room from the Discovery Room by way of a dark "mole tunnel." In the Science Room, a skeleton greets you; there is also a collection of fossils, shark jaws, dinosaur bones, and birds nest laid out so that kids can pick them up and hold them. There is also a Van de Graff generator, a climb in kaleidoscope and a video phone.

The Music Center includes a player piano, an electric organ, lots of small instruments, wind chimes and xylophones. In one corner a microphone stood on a platform. Kids could talk or sing into it, and a video screen showed what the sound waves you were creating looked like.

The Egypt Room has mummy cases with painted faces and fascinating symbols drawn on them. There's also glass cases full of ancient jewelry. Hieroglyphics were painted on the walls, and there were panels with those pictures of people who seem to be walking sideways.

There's a display of coins from other countries or the diorama showing how coins are made.


  • Mr. Snipes (curator)
  • Ms. Hobbes (Mr. Snipes secretary)
  • Mrs. O'Neal (Volunteer)