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The Stoneybrook News is the local newspaper for Stoneybrook. Its office is located at One Stoneybrook Plaza.


When the BSC first started, the girls placed an ad in the paper to drum up business in Kristy's Great Idea. There is a section called 'Crime Watch' mentioned in Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls and one that lists current airline rates. In Karen's Newspaper, a children's section was added in the back. It would be written by kids with Karen Brewer, Nancy Dawes, and Hannie Papadakis writing some articles from time to time.

They charge per line to run an ad in Kristy's Great Idea.

In Mary Anne and the Library Mystery, it's mentioned by Mary Anne Spier that there's birth announcements, weather report, editorials page, Dear Abby, comics, and a sports section.

There's a horoscope section mentioned in Karen's Toothache.

In Claudia and the Recipe for Danger, a skinny man who writes a restaurant review column. He judges the bake off in the book.


There is an article about the recycling center opening in Dawn Saves the Planet. It mentions Dawn Schafer three times, but does not include a photo of her. There are more references to Mrs. Gonzalez and Mayor Keane's speech.

In Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs the paper interviews the Baby-sitters Club about their aid in solving the dognapping ring. The BSC has their picture in the paper.

They rarely write about Stoneybrook Middle School but once had a big article about the basketball team in Stacey and the Cheerleaders. By Dawn and the School Spirit War, they run an article about most of spirit month.

They run a photo and article about Claudia Kishi's involvement in solving the museum mystery in Claudia and the Mystery at the Museum. The paper also reported on the initial robbery that took place. The article is called, “Teen Detective Helps Nab Coin Thief,” below the headline was a big picture of Claudia, Don Newman, Mr. Snipes, and Mr. Olinger. Mr. Snipes was shaking my hand and grinning.

There is an article about Kristy Thomas saving Derek Masters in Kristy and the Vampires.

There is an article about the BSC members entitled "Savvy Teens Find Key to Bank Mystery" in Claudia and the Clue in the Photograph.

In Baby-sitters' Island Adventure, the newspaper runs a banner headline and front page story entitled "Connecticut Disaster Victims Tell Their Story" . The story includes a photo of all the BSC members, which they hang in their rooms.

Many BSC members have letters in the paper protesting Reginald Fowler's plan to build over Miller's Park as well as an article about their crusade in Mary Anne and the Silent Witness.

In Claudia and the Great Search, the paper covered the awards ceremony at Stoneybrook High School. They interviewed Janine Kishi for her award for being the most accomplished student at the community college at the high school. The last time the award went to a senior ten years ago.

The paper covered the winners of the sculpture contest at the Stoneybrook Arts Center in Claudia and the New Girl.

In Karen's Pizza Party, the paper covered the pizza queen contest and went to Stoneybrook Academy to interview and photograph Karen's classmates.

In Karen's Ice Skates, writer Susan Fields, wrote an article about how Nancy Dawes and Karen Brewer saved Bobby Gianelli from the pond when he fell in.

In Kristy and the Middle School Vandal, the editorials were all about the about the lack of responsibility Stoneybrook’s teachers and administrators were demonstrating, as evidenced by student’s acts of vandalism and reckless behavior in recent weeks.

The paper runs an article about the Arboretum being saved, when the BSC finds the original papers buried on the land. They also mention the benefit at the end with local celebrities.



  • Lisa Engle runs an ad looking for a nanny in Karen's Nanny.
  • The paper only costs a dollar.
  • In Karen's Big Job, Mr. Gilbert is mentioned to work at a newspaper, it's unclear if it's this paper or another.
  • The fiance of Ms. Halliday, the seventh grade gym teacher at SMS, works on the paper as a reporter.