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The Stoneybrook Police Department is the local law enforcement. They are frequently tangled up in the Mystery books.


The police station is located in downtown Stoneybrook. After being caught with a counterfeit bill, Stacey is walked past the desk where the receptionist sits. Down a hall, and into a small stuffy interrogation room sits a long table in the middle and chairs around it. Interview room four looks like an interrogation room and is down the hall past a water cooler and police officers working on typewriters. They have uncomfortable orange plastic chairs to sit in.

Sergeant Tang and Sergeant Johnson are partners in Baby-sitters Beware. They showed up when Abby and Kristy called about a bugarly on Reilly Lane.

Officer Cleary and officer Pelkey are partners in Mary Anne and the Silent Witness. Officer Drew and officer Stanton are partners on the case in Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls.

Detective Norton responds to Jake Kuhn's disappearance in Kristy and the Missing Child.

Sergeant Bridget Ianelli takes Logan's statement regarding the Badd Boyz in Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter.

Detectives Stanton and Martinez responded to the bank robbery in Karen's Spy Mystery.

In Dawn and the Impossible Three, the police were called when Buddy Barrett went missing. He was picked up by his father, Hamilton Barrett as a way to get back at his wife. The police had questioned him when he brought Buddy back.

Logan Bruno called them to report what was going on with the Badd Boyz in Logan Bruno, Boy Baby-sitter.

They are working on the dognapping case in Dawn and the Disappearing Dogs.

In Kristy and the Cat Burglar officer Hopkins and Sergeant Winters were suspicious of Sergeant Johnson being part of the Reinhart Golem robbery, after being tipped off. They suspected him and Sergeant Johnson was framed for the stolen diamonds. His name is eventually cleared.



  • Officer Cleary (M#24)
  • Officer Drew (#2)
  • Officer Hopkins (M#36)
  • Officer Pelkey (M#24)
  • Officer Sauter (M#16)
  • Officer Stanton (#2)
  • Officer Benitez (LS#50)
  • Officer Myers (LS#62)