Sunny, Diary Three is the twelfth book in the California Diaries series and takes the form of a diary written by Vista Private School student Sunny Winslow.

Back Cover SummaryEdit

"When I'm gone," Mom was saying, "you and Dad take care of each other, okay?"

"okay," I whispered.


Sunny’s mom has stopped her cancer treatments, leaving the hospital to spend her final days at home.

Sunny has been sleep deprived and kind of all over the place. She goes to school, but not to her classes. She talks to Dawn a little, but otherwise, her mind has been hijacked by thoughts of losing her mom. When a string of visitors comes through the door to say their good-byes, she finally realizes this is it. The end.

Facing the pain allows Sunny to actually talk to her mom and learn a little more about her before she’s gone. Sunny makes it her duty to start helping and becomes obsessed with listing everything she needs to say before her mom dies.

Her mother knows there isn’t enough time (there will never be enough time) to say everything that needs to be said, but maybe there’s something she can give her daughter that will help ease Sunny’s pain.

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