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Sunny, Diary Two is the sixth book in the California Diaries series and takes the form of a diary written by Vista Private School student Sunny Winslow.

Back Cover Summary[]

Face it, Winslow. Read between the lines.

Dr. Merwin has stopped talking about "good signs".

There are no good signs.

She's not going to get better.


Sunny’s mom isn’t getting better; in fact, her health (along with her mind) is deteriorating quickly.

When Sunny turns to her best friend, Dawn, for support, it seems like all she gets is guilt. It doesn’t help that Dawn seems to connect better with Sunny’s mom than Sunny does, or that her dad is still so absorbed with work that he is never home.

But at least there is one adult whom she can talk to: Dawn’s pregnant stepmom, Carol, and Sunny has a stream of guys knocking at her door to keep her occupied.

But none of that can replace her mom, and if she lets herself think about it, she may not be able to keep going.


Sunny's Family



  • Dawn Schafer
  • Chris, Brock, Pete, and Bo Rollins - Sunny's crushes



Pop Culture and Real Life References[]

  • Jane Fonda, Julia Child, Brad Pitt (actors)
  • Casper
  • Mickey Mouse

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]



  • Dawn says she's known Betsy all her life. But in Dawn's Book, she states that the Winslows moved to Palo City when she and Sunny were six.


  • Betsy's cancer is starting to affect her brain and memory. She even momentarily forgets Sunny's name at one point.
  • Carol is hormonal and has been having cravings for weird food combinations (such as chocolate and tuna fish) due to her pregnancy.
  • Carol's feet are swollen due to water retention from her pregnancy. They hurt a lot and Sunny rubs them for Carol.
  • Sunny's new crushes are boys named Chris, Brock, Pete, and Bo Rollins.
  • Ducky writes in Sunny's journal in this book.
  • Carol's baby is staring to kick, Sunny felt it when she sang Maggie's song "Hey, Down There."
  • Sunny gets the feeling that Dawn still doesn't like Carol; she still doesn't know things about her.
  • Sunny wishes that she's like Carol when she gets older.
  • Sunny remembers having fun with her father when she was little.
  • Sunny is upset by the idea of her father possibly remarrying and having more children after her mother dies.
  • Sunny is jealous of Dawn's relationship with her mother.