Sunny is the second book in the California Diaries series and takes the form of a diary written by Vista Private School student Sunny Winslow.

Back Cover SummaryEdit

I hate my life. Despise it.

I would trade it in a minute for anyone else's.

That's all I have to say. Good night.


Sunny Winslow is the life of the party. Even though her mother is suffering from lung cancer and her workaholic father is avoiding his family, Sunny is determined not to let life get her down.

Her friends don’t understand why she isn’t more worried about her mom. They won’t join her when she decides to cut class, so she takes off on her own.

Headed to Venice Beach, Sunny meets the mysterious and cool Carson, who seems to understand where she’s coming from. But can she run away from her problems with him, or will her true emotions creep back in?

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