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Sunny Winslow
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Full name

Sunshine Daydream Winslow




Palo City




Winslow Family
Elizabeth Winslow (mother)
Paul Winslow (father)


Vista Private School



First Appearance

Dawn on the Coast

Final Appearance
Portrayed by

Sunshine Daydream "Sunny" Winslow is Dawn's best friend in Palo City, California. Sunny's parents were hippies, which accounts for her unusual name. Her father runs a bookstore.


Like Dawn she has long blonde hair, although Sunny's is more of a strawberry blonde.


Her mother describes Sunny as being a happy baby. She would not cry going to a new place, smiled all the time, and everything made her laugh. If her name wasn't Sunshine, her nickname would have still been Sunny.

Sunny originally moved to Dawn's neighborhood from Oregon when she was in the first grade.

Sunny and Dawn grew up down the street from each other. They are alike in many ways. For instance, they both love healthy whole foods and neither of them will eat red meat. One of Sunny's favorite foods is Mrs. Bruen's three cheese macaroni. Both girls love surfing and ghost stories.

In Dawn on the Coast, Sunny founded the California version of the Baby-sitters Club, the We ♥ Kids Club, with Maggie Blume and Jill Henderson.

Her mom gets diagnosed with cancer which helps Dawn decide to move back to California. In Aloha, Baby-sitters!, Dawn mentions her mother was doing well. This storyline is later expanded in the California Diaries series.

When she visited Stoneybrook in Welcome Home, Mary Anne she snuck out to New York City with Dawn and Mary Anne.

California Diaries[]

Sunny went through a dark period after her mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She began skipping school and dating older guys (California Diaries 2, 7, 12). Although the Winslow and Schafer families were still close, Sunny began to see Dawn as a goody-two-shoes. Her best friend during this time was probably Ducky McCrae. However, during the events of Welcome Home, Mary Anne, she and Dawn are good friends again, although later they have a fight.

She relates to Mary Anne. Dawn once saw her getting into a van of high school guys while an ambulance was picking up her mom. She thinks about her mom every single minute and loves her more than anything. She gave her her favorite plant as a hospital gift. She once ran away to be with her crush, Carson, but had Ducky pick her up. After that, her parents said they would listen more. She got drunk at a concert and a party. She did not like her mother's support group. She hates hoping about her mom because the higher she hoped, the more disappointed she was. In book 6, she stops being friends with Dawn until book 11. She develops insomnia and had a hard time sleeping. She stayed with the Schafers for awhile. Sometimes she wished that her mom could just die, or never be sick.

She has her navel pierced and wore black makeup. Ducky McCrae sat next to her at her mom's funeral. She and her aunt sat next to her mom until she stopped breathing. Her mother's last words were about her. Her Aunt Morgan gave her her favorite stuffed animal. She read her mother's diaries. Her father became a workaholic and always yelled at her. She had a kinship with Carol, who was like a second mother to her. She saved her when she fainted during her pregnancy, but later she burned something (and put both Carol's and the baby's lives at risk, as Carol wasn't supposed to get out of bed) because she was seeing her crush, Beau. She started having a crush on Ducky. She is trying to get her life back together. Eventually, she gets some help from a counselor.


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