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Susan Felder is an eight year old charge of the Baby-Sitters Club. She lives in Stoneybrook, CT and is a member of the Felder Family.


Susan has beautiful deep brown eyes, her hair almost as dark as Claudia's with soft curls to shoulders. She was born with dark curly hair.


She is an only child until her mother tells Kristy that she is pregnant at the end of Kristy and the Secret of Susan.

When she was born Susan was a very bright child. She did everything early; held her head up, walked, talked, sat, and crawled. She even taught herself how to read and speaking in sentences. They put money away for her college, but instead it ended up going to boarding school. When she was two and a half she shut down going backward instead. When she was three, she shut down completely except that she's toilet trained.

Susan is autistic. She's often in her own world, doesn't communicate, wrings her hands, clicks her tongue, and rarely makes contact. She doesn't like to be touched or hugged. Susan has troubles eating and sleeping. She's strong but doesn't get violent. She can sing and play piano beautifully, can memorize songs instantly, and sings with a perfect pitch, but words don't mean anything to her. She has a calendar in her head that can tell the day of the week of any date, not past 60 years in the past or twenty years in the future.

She is being transferred to a school with a strong music program, one hour from Stoneybrook. Kristy introduces her to James Hobart, her first real "friend."

She makes a small cameo in Baby-sitters' European Vacation where she meets Dawn. Susan attends the Sunshine Gang Day Camp with other kids that have various disabilities. Dawn is there to monitor her going to an office to use the hug machine. Dawn first sees her playing the piano in the music room.