Suzi Barrett is five years old and the younger sister of Buddy Barrett, the older sister of Marnie Barrett, the daughter of Natalie Barrett, and the stepdaughter of Franklin DeWitt. Her step-siblings include Lindsey, Ryan, Taylor, and Madeleine DeWitt. Suzi is a member of the Barrett/DeWitt Family. She makes her first appearance in Dawn and the Impossible Three.


Suzi is described as round-faced and pudgy with pigtails, curly hair, and a fat round tummy.


She is part of the Save the Planet class. She, Karen, and Andrew make "Think Green, My Kids Care" buttons. Their booth gets temporarily smashed in Dawn Saves the Planet.

She believes in Santa Claus although her brother, Buddy, mocks her for this. When she moved from one house to another when her mother married Franklin DeWitt, she was afraid Santa wouldn't be able to find her because she had moved. To solve this, she leaves a trail of cookie crumbs so Santa can find her new house.

She orders moon dust through the mail. Suzi and Buddy perform "Mother's Helper" play during traveling salesmen show. She ends up keeping the moondust instead of selling it with the rest of the stuff.

Her favorite sitter is Dawn. In Dawn and the Impossible Three, she learned how to use the phone and call her even when she had nothing to say.



  • Mr. Turtle
  • Frisky, a gerbil
  • Pow (formerly)


  • Dance the baloney dance.



  • Has a fit if Mary Anne Spier shows up without little coloring books in her Kid-Kit.
  • Is Buddy's assistant in talent show in Pikes' backyard.
  • In cross-country race in the BSC Mini-Olympics.
  • She is junior equipment manager in the Krashers.
  • She shares her name with an actress who is in the main cast of the Disney Channel series "Just Roll With It."

In the graphic novels Edit

Suzi in the graphic novels

Suzi in the graphic novels

Suzi appears in the graphic novel of Dawn and the Impossible Three. She has short, curly, brown hair, like Marnie.

Book AppearancesEdit

Media PortrayalsEdit


Suzi is played by actress Scarlett Pomers.

The Baby-Sitters Club (web series)Edit

Actress Nadia Batista plays as Suzi. She is only in Dawn and The Impossible Three (Web Series Episode).


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