Suzi Barrett is five years old and the younger sister of Buddy Barrett, the older sister of Marnie Barrett, the daughter of Natalie Barrett, and the stepdaughter of Franklin DeWitt.

About Edit

Her best friend is Claire Pike. She likes when there are coloring books in the kid kit. She has a round tummy and is pudgy. She is Buddy's assistant in the Pike talent show. She was in the Cross Country race in the BSC olympics. She makes Save the Planet buttons with Karen and Andrew. She orders moon dust through the mail. She is junior equipment manager in the Krashers. She is also very close friends with Patsy.

She believes in Santa Claus although her brother, Buddy, mocks her for this. When she moved from one house to another when her mother married Franklin DeWitt, she was afraid Santa wouldn't be able to find her because she had moved. To solve this, she leaves a trail of cookie crumbs so Santa can find her new house.

In the graphic novels Edit

Suzi in the graphic novels

Suzi in the graphic novels

Suzi appears in Dawn's graphic novel.

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  • She shares her name with an actress who is in the main cast of the Disney Channel series "Just Doll With It.


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