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The Baby-Sitters Club is a TV series Scholastic, Inc. produced in 1990 based on the original book series, which aired on the Disney Channel, HBO, and Nickelodeon. Thirteen episodes were filmed before the series was canceled. Each episode was released on a VHS tape. A reboot was released by Netflix in July 2020. The series first aired from January 1, 1990 to March 26, 1990 on HBO.


Episode List[]

  1. "Mary Anne and the Brunettes"
  2. "Dawn and the Haunted House"
  3. "Stacey's Big Break"
  4. "Kristy and the Great Campaign"
  5. "The Baby-sitters' Special Christmas"
  6. "Claudia and the Missing Jewels"
  7. "Dawn and the Dream Boy"
  8. "Claudia and the Mystery of the Secret Passage"
  9. "Jessi and the Mystery of the Stolen Secrets"
  10. "The Baby-sitters and the Boy Sitters"
  11. "Dawn Saves the Trees"
  12. "Stacey Takes A Stand"
  13. "The Baby-sitters Remember"

Theme Song[]

Main: Say Hello to Your Friends.

VHS covers[]

The episodes were originally released on VHS by GoodTimes circa 1990-1992, and later released with different covers (but the same cover art) by KidVision circa 1993-1995. The KidVision VHS tapes came with extras such as stickers, a temporary tattoo, or a Collector's Mini Book.



VHS Extras[]

LaserDisc Release[]

The videos were also released by Warner Music on laser disc with 3 episodes per disc, for a total of a 90 minute run time.

  • Heart Collection - released 12/15/1993, presumably episodes 9, 12, 13 since the KidVision VHS releases have a heart on the front covers LaserDisc database
  • Flower Collection - released 12/15/1993, presumably episodes 8, 10, 11 since the KidVision VHS releases have a flower on the front covers. LaserDisc Database

Estimated Timeline[]

  • September 1990 - GoodTimes VHS tapes 1 and 2 released
  • August 1991 - GoodTimes VHS tapes 3 and 4 released
  • September 1991 - TV show airs on HBO
  • November 1992 - GoodTimes VHS tapes 8 and 9 released
  • 1993
    • June 26 1993 (street) - Episodes 8, 10, 11 (flower collection) released in VHS by KidVision (June 1 Pre-Order)
    • Sept 22 1993 (street) - Episodes 5, 9, 12, 13 (heart collection) released in VHS by KidVision (Sept 7 Pre-Order)
    • VHS releases included a Collector's Mini Book
  • 1994
    • February 1994 - BSC mall tour starts, to promote the series and the videos
    • March 2 1994 (street) - Episodes 1,2,3 (Telephone Collection) released in VHS by KidVision (Feb 8 Pre-Order)
    • July 27 1994 (street) - Episodes 4,6,7 (Ice Cream Collection) released in VHS by KidVision
    • VHS releases included stickers
    • February 1994- March 1996 - BSC Readers can join a Video Club to receive a new episode on KidVision VHS every other month
    • Heart and Flower collections released on LaserDisc

Digital release[]

All episodes from the series have been released digitally on, YouTube, Google Play, Vudu,and iTunes. The episodes are a mix of the releases on the GoodTimes and KidVision VHSs and are released complete out of their airing order.


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