Tabitha Porter is an older woman who lives next door to the Brewer/Thomas family on McLelland Road . Karen was convinced by some older neighborhood children that she really is a witch named Morbidda Destiny.


In Kristy's Great Idea , Mary Anne notes that Mrs. Porter is wearing a black dress. She has gray and frazzled hair, Wart on the end of her nose, smells funny according to Karen, and often wears shawls.


Mrs. Porter lives alone in an old run down Victorian house. She believes children and pets are nuisances; however, she does own a black cat named Midnight and has a granddaughter, Druscilla. In Karen's Magician Tabitha tells Karen that her mother is a traveling "magician" that goes by Mr. Wizard.

In Karen's Haunted House she starts a save the bats campaign when the old Powell house was decorated to be a haunted house.

In the graphic novels Edit

Mrs. Porter's only physical appearance was in Kristy's Great Idea where she put a "spell" on Boo-Boo. Also, the only story that Karen makes about her was in Claudia and Mean Janine, where Karen told kids at the playgroup, including Jenny, that Andrew was going to turn into a monster. It is unknown if she will appear in the upcoming graphic novel.


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