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Tamara Harding is the sixteen-year-old sister of Pamela Harding, who is a second grader in Ms. Colman's class at Stoneybrook Academy. She makes a brief appearance in The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class #12 Baby Animal Zoo. She gets along great with her sister and never teases her or makes her feel like a baby.


In Baby Animal Zoo when Pamela comes to her with a problem, Tamara gave her an ice cream sandwich and tells her that she has to face her problem head on. She helps Pamela get over her fear of holding an animal by telling her to pretend the animal is an ice cream sandwich.


  • Maribeth


  • Her mom might get a cat after the events of Baby Animal Zoo.


  • She got a new pair of jeans with daisies on them in Baby Animal Zoo.
  • She lets Pamela occasionally borrow her perfume, makeup, and fingernail polish. She even let Pamela stay in the room when her friends from high school came over.
  • Her mom has a home office and her dad sleeps on his recliner everyday after dinner.
  • Pamela calls her Tam.
  • She doesn't like animals very much either except she thinks her dad's fish is pretty.
  • It's unknown which high school she goes to.
  • She helped Pamela with a bake sale to raise money for a local park in Karen's Carnival.