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Tammy Barkan is the twin sister of Terri Barkan and one half the Barkan Twins. She is a student at Stoneybrook Academy in Ms. Colman's second grade class with Karen Brewer.

Physical Appearance[]

On the cover of Twin Trouble she is pictured with dark hair. Her appearance is never described in the books.


In Twin Trouble, she and her sister try each other to read as many books as they can for the school Readathon, but are distressed because they are reading at different speeds. Tammy is a fast reader and has a good memory, she is shown to remember details from books from a couple of days ago. Terri reads much more slowly, and both twins are bothered by being so different from each other, which they aren't used to. When the Readathon is over, Tammy wins a prize at the Readathon assembly for reading the most pages in her class.




Trivia []

  • She is younger than Terri by an hour.
  • Tammy is part of the school choir and she did not get solo while Terri did in Twin Trouble.
  • In Karen's Swim Meet she joined tennis lessons while her sister joined swimming lessons.
  • In Karen's School Mystery her new troll doll was stolen out of her desk at school and returned by the end.


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