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Teacher's Pet is the first book in The Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series. In terms of franchise continuity, it takes place right before Karen's Witch, as Karen Brewer joins Ms. Colman's class in this book.

Back Cover Summary[]

It is the first day of school. All the kids in Ms. Colman's class can't wait. Except Nancy Dawes. Nancy doesn't have a best friend. Her friend Karen Brewer is not in her grade. Nancy doesn't have a pet, either. And Ms. Colman's class is having pet day! Can the kids in Ms. Colman's class help Nancy?


Main Plot[]

It's the beginning of another school year at Stoneybrook Academy, and Nancy Dawes is not looking forward to it. Her best friend Martha has moved away, so Nancy doesn't have a best friend in her class. She decides she needs a new one so she starts scouting the members of the class, however nobody seems to be perfect for Nancy. After Hannie Papadakis lends her a pet for Pet Day, the two decide to become second-grade best friends.

Secondary Plots[]

Ms. Colman gives the class their first project, leaning about pets. She plans a Pet Day where the class can bring their pets from home, and tells the class that at the end of their unit, they can get a pet for the classroom. Eight members of the class vote for a rabbit for the class pet, and the other seven members of the class vote for a hamster. When Karen Brewer joins the class, she suggests a guinea pig, and the class are all in agreement with that. When they get their guinea pig, they name him Hootie.

Pet Day also gives Nancy some stress, as she doesn't have a pet, and Hannie says that bringing in a stuffed animal is stupid. Hannie figures out that Nancy doesn't have a pet, so she brings in her turtle for Nancy to borrow for the day.

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Book Info[]

Pet project groups that Nancy is part of

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Continuity and Inconsistencies[]


  • This books takes place before Karen's Witch, as Karen Brewer joins Ms. Colman's class in this book.
  • This book shows Karen joining Ms. Colman's class and the class selection of Hootie from Nancy's perspective. Chapter 19 of Little Sister Karen's Book shows Karen's memory of the same events.


  • This is the first book Nancy narrates aside from chapters in the Little Sister super specials.
  • The working title for this book was The Perfect Pet [1].
  • On the dedication page it says, "This book is in honor of the birth of Miranda Jensen."
  • Inconsistencies: Hank says he has a pet bird and dog, but he doesn't mention his cat which is mentioned in Spelling Bee.
  • The first day of school falls on a Tuesday.
  • Omar Harris lives within walking distance to Stoneybrook Academy.
  • Bobby scared Nancy at first, the eventually become friends after the events of Karen's Bully.
  • Sara Ford sits in front of Hannie.
  • The PTA raised enough money for every class in Stoneybrook Academy to get their own class pet.
  • Between Omar, Nancy, Bobby, Chris, and Natalie; Omar has the best handwriting.


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