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Teachers of Tomorrow or commonly called TOT is a program that is offered to students at Stoneybrook Elementary School. The program is only mentioned in Kristy in Charge, but eventually it caused Mallory Pike to switch schools.


The Stoneybrook Board of Education has worked with other school in southern Connecticut and has come up with the program. For three days student volunteers will be teaching some classes in place of the teachers. It encourages students to get an idea of what their teachers go through and inspires them to become teachers themselves.

Any kid who was interested could volunteer to student teacher. That would involve teaching would go through a teacher training course and submit prepared lessons plans, like a real teacher does. Students are teaching in another class every other day for a week. Participants get extra credit in their classes.

Kristy Thomas immediately signs up and finds trouble teaching alongside Cary Retlin. Mallory finds herself getting called Spaz Girl after fumbling on her first day by Grace Blume and Cokie Mason until it spreads around the school.



  • Mr. Zizmore and Mrs. Amer are the TOT coordinators.
  • Mary Anne and Kristy were in Mallory’s English class.
  • Abby Stevenson was in Alan’s class.