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Ted Kilbourne is the father of Shannon, Tiffany, and Maria Kilbourne. He is the husband to Kathy Kilbourne.


He is not very tall and has dark hair and brown eyes. He is described as a workaholic and works as a lawyer for a big firm in Shannon's Story. He has lunches and dinners with clients and uses a beeper for work.

In Shannon’s Story, Shannon recalls how he used to be a serious gardener when she was a kid. She also notes that he hasn't done anything outside since the fourth of July barbecue last summer. He's also a good cook. He has been missing a lot of family dinners lately. Ted is unaware of Tiffany and Maria's hobbies in the book. Ted has Rotary Club and board meetings and enjoys jogging.

In Kristy and the Sister War he had quit the Rotary Club.

In Kristy and the Dirty Diapers, Shannon mentions that he doesn't make good peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He uses too much jelly and presses really hard when he cuts it and the jelly oozes through.


  • His wife got a mother's day present with a happy birthday card on it. She asked him if he kept a stock pile of gifts in his office in case he forgot something. Shannon notes that his face got red confirming it to them.
  • He goes on a business trip in Shannon’s Story, right after his wife leaves for Paris.
  • He plays golf in Shannon’s Story.
  • He's allergic to cats in Karen's Kittens.