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Terri Barkan is the identical twin sister of Tammy Barkan. She is a student at Stoneybrook Academy in Ms. Colman's second grade class with Karen Brewer. She narrates the book Twin Trouble in the Kids in Ms. Colman's Class series. She and her sister play minor roles in the Baby-Sitters Little Sister books.


On the cover of Twin Trouble, she is shown with dark brown hair. It is never explained what she looks like in the books.


In Twin Trouble, she and her sister try each other to read as many books as they can for the school readathon, but are distressed because they are reading at different speeds. Tammy is a fast reader, while Terri reads much more slowly, and both girls would prefer to be "samesies." After talking with their Grandma Doris, the twins learn it's okay to be different, and Tammy wins the class's readathon prize while Terri sings a solo at the readathon assembly.

In Karen's Swim Meet, she spent the summer with Stoneybrook swim star Ron Carson. She was not a strong swimmer and joined the lessons to get better. Ron ended up telling at her and kept pushing her to do better, even calling her out in front of the team. Terri started to call him mean behind his back with Karen Brewer and Kristin. Terri was invite to Karen's Fourth of July party.

She once fell of her bike and had to stitched on her knee, this was mentioned in Karen's Twin and one way to tell the twins apart.



  • Scrabble
  • Ms. Colman
  • Playing Cats Cradle
  • Her favorite restaurant is Burger Town.
  • Becky Morton books


Trivia []

  • She is older than Tammy by an hour.
  • She does not read fast
  • Terri is part of the school choir and she got a solo while Tammy did not.


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