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Terry Hoyt, whose real name is David Hawthorne, is a student at Stoneybrook Middle School. His sister is Tasha Hoyt and his brother is Georgie Hoyt. Terry is a member of the Hoyt Family.


Stacey McGill calls him incredibly cute.


Terry briefly dated Stacey in Stacey and the Mystery Money. They had gone to a movie and he kissed her good night. She calls him nice and shy after she meets him in her language arts and social studies classes. He went by the name 'Terry' because his dad was undercover in Stoneybrook to catch a counterfeiter. After the counterfeiter is caught, his family moves away from Stoneybrook in the middle of the night.

In Kristy and the Kidnapper, Terry is now going by his real name, David. He is part of the debate team and at the convention. In chapter five he was almost kidnapped. His dad wanted to take him home, but David wanted to stay at the convention. He is friends with Lucas Goodman. His dad had tackled the man trying to kidnap him at the debate convention and Kristy got him out of the line of sight. David gives Kristy Thomas and Abby Stevenson a tour of the white house before seeing them off back to Stoneybrook.


  • He likes to watch baseball but has never played on a team.
  • David likes to debate.
  • When he was nine he lived in Seattle, he went by Justin Peterson and had a friend named Steve in Kristy and the Kidnapper.

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