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Tess Swinhart was an eighth grader that briefly went to Stoneybrook Middle School and was friends with Stacey McGill. She only appears in Stacey's Secret Friend.


She has light blue eyes, a slightly upturned nose, and a wide mouth. She wears thick black rimmed glasses. Tess would dress in a lot of pink and uncoordinated outfits. She has short blond hair. She looks a lot like her mother.


Tess is originally from Paris, France. When she was younger she would do wacky things with her friends. Once in an art class they carved an entire fleet of yellow wooden ducks and set them afloat in the river. Her old school was a block away from the River Seine. Tess took a set design class at her old school.

Tess just moved to Stoneybrook Middle School at the start of the book. After she accidentally poured paper mache material on Alan Gray, he started to pick on her, calling her names like Swine-heart. Other kids started to pick on her as well calling her names like Petunia and Babe.

While at the football game, she broke her ankle and sprained her wrist falling off the bleachers. This is when she becomes aware of how much she's been bullied.

Clarence King had asked her out on a date to a place called Hog Heaven at the Washington Mall. King, Alan, and Jim Poirier planned on taking pictures of her next to the Pig decorations and printing it in the school paper. Before that could happen the members of the Baby-sitters Club turned the pranks back on the boys. Tess is last seen making friends with Barbara Hirsch.


  • She's good at art
  • She's in Abby Stevenson's homeroom.
  • Her favorite color is pink
  • Tess likes to study the middle ages
  • Her mother is a translator for the diplomats in the US foreign service
  • Her dad works for a French based perfume company.