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At least sixteen of The Baby-Sitters Club books were translated into Indonesian, with at least numbers 13 and 14 translated by Hendarto Setiadi, an award-winning translator of English into Indonesian.


Translation strategies used in the Indonesian translations of The Baby-Sitters Club Books are discussed in an article by Halida Aisyah.

Books Translated[]

1. Kristy dan ide gemilangnya

2. Claudia dan si penelepon misterius

5. Dawn dan tiga pengacau

7. Claudia dan Janine sie besar kepala

8. Stacey si gila cowok

10. Mary Anne jatuh cinta

11. Kristy vs kelompok sok pamer

12. Claudia dan anak baru

13. Selamat Jalan, Stacey!

14. Halo, Mallory

15. Miss Stoneybrook cilik ... dan Dawn

16. Jessi dan bahasa rahasianya


  • The Indonesian books are set in the US, and character names and locations remain the same in translation. In a few cases, cultural equivalents are used for particular words. For instance, eggplant (a more familiar vegetable) is substituted for zucchini, and 'kuda-kudaan' (a different kind of riding game, more like pretending to be a horse on all fours) is substituted for 'piggyback ride'.