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The Baby-sitters Club Game was the first Baby-sitters Club game produced by Milton Bradley in 1989. The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery Game followed in 1992.

Back of Box Summary[]

Share secrets and stories in this game — just like Kristy, Stacey and all the Baby-sitters Club members do in the best-selling books! Make your friends giggle and sometimes groan as you answer questions about baby-sitting, boys and best friends. There's trivia from the books plus silly stunts to do, too!

What would you do if your baby-sitting charge gave you a toad for your birthday? Who would you pick as the "cutest boy" in school? Will everyone giggle when you choose a new hair style for your best friend? Will they laugh when you have to lie on your stomach and tie your shoe? Find out as you try to rack up points with the best stories and stunts!


  • gameboard
  • 144 cards, 4 pawns, 2 dice, 16 scoring tokens, 16 voting tokens, 4 scoreboards
  • scorepad, tray, label sheet, instructions




The Babysitters Club Board Game 1994

1994 BSC Game Commercial