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The BSC Mystery game was produced by Milton-Bradley in 1992. It is the second BSC board game, following The Baby-Sitters Club Game.


The object of the game was to travel on a map of Stoneybrook (the gameboard) and solve a mystery using secret clues and words. The map on the gameboard is reproduced in the book The Complete Guide to the Baby-Sitters Club.

Back of Box SummaryEdit

Join your favorite characters from the Baby-sitters Club on a detective adventure! Pick WHO did it, WHAT was involved, WHY it happened and WHERE it happened from the Mystery Case card. Then dial secret words on your Mystery Wheels to add to the story!

Travel around the special Stoneybrook map gameboard to ask your friends about their secret words. Uncover all the word clues and finish 4 baby-sitting jobs to win. Then have everyone join in to tell the story!

Game ContentsEdit

  • Map gameboard
  • Mystery Case card
  • 4 Wheel holders
  • 8 Wheels
  • 16 Money cards
  • 16 Baby-sitting chips
  • Yes/No disc
  • 2 Dice, 4 Plastic buttons, 4 Plastic pawns, 4 wipe-off crayons, Label sheet

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BSC mystery game full gameboard


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