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This article is about the book. For the TV series episode, see The Baby-sitters Remember (episode).

The Baby-sitters Remember is the eleventh book in the Baby-Sitters Club Super Special series.

Back Cover Summary[]

The teachers at SMS have assigned homework to do over the summer. How mean! Plus, the essay topic is so boring: What I Did This Summer. If Kristy were a teacher, she'd choose something much more interesting. Like writing about your most vivid memory. Which gets the Baby-sitters thinking...

About baby-sitting adventures. And when they were little. Stacey remembers a tough time in New York. Dawn shares her memory of first meeting Mary Anne. Sad times, happy times, funny times. The Baby-sitters each have a special story to tell.

Chapter Narrators[]


  • Chapter 1: Kristy - Kristy remembers her first baby-sitting job, when her mom hires her at age 10 to take care of her younger brother, David Michael. Kristy was excited that she finally had a chance to prove her responsibility.
  • Chapter 4: Stacey - Stacey remembers a night in sixth grade when she and her best friend Laine Cummings went to a sleepover at their friend Deirdre's house. Stacey had been eating and drinking a lot because of undiagnosed diabetes, and she later wet the bed she and Laine had been sharing. The story spread around school by Allison Ritz and Laine which lead to Stacey being ostracized and losing friends. The incident also lead to her diabetes diagnosis, and a whirlwind of doctors and test and hospital visits that made her classmates thinks she was a hypochondriac. By the time her dad tells her they are moving to Stoneybrook because his job is transferring him to Stamford, she is thrilled to move to a new place where no one knows she wet the bed or has diabetes. And to make new friends.
  • Chapter 7: Claudia - At age six, Claudia and her class are given an assignment to draw self-portraits. The other kids draw themselves as people in a typical expected way. Claudia draws a butterfly, and she is the only one who draws something different. Her teachers reprimand her for not following directions. Mimi, however, is proud of her and goes back to Claudia's teacher to demand an apology.
  • Chapter 9: Jessi - At age 9, Jessi and her sister Becca are not thrilled to be getting a new baby sibling, because babies cry a lot and smell bad, and Becca will have to move into Jessi's room. However, after her brother Squirt is born, she learns to appreciate him after she is able to sing to calm him from crying, which he did a lot because he had colic.
  • Chapter 12: Logan - Logan remembers meeting Mary Anne for the first time and managing his first baby-sitting job for the BSC after he moved to Stoneybrook from Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Chapter 15: Mallory - At age 10, Mallory writes a letter to her favorite author, Amelia Moody, and is thrilled to learn Moody will be signing books at the Washington Mall in Stoneybrook. When she stands in line to get her book signed, she forgets what she was going to say. Nevertheless, the memory inspires her to be an author someday because she knows the reaction an author can provoke in a reader.
  • Chapter 17: Shannon Kilbourne remembers a time when a new popular, pretty, rich girl, Sally White, alternately "chose" different girls to be best friends with, they quickly dump them for someone else. Shannon was briefly chosen by Sally, but declined to spend a second day with her because she needed to study to pass a test to get into astronomy club. Shannon felt that she nearly didn't pass, and all for someone who wasn't worth the possible consequences. Shannon learned what kind of person she wanted to be friends with, so for the next person to befriend, she chose her neighbor Kristy Thomas.
  • Chapter 19: Dawn - When Dawn was 12, her parents get divorced and her mom moves from California to Stoneybrook, where Dawn's grandparents Granny and Pop-Pop live. Dawn and Jeff follow their mom, and she is a new girl at Stoneybrook Middle School, where she meets and joins the BSC.
  • Chapter 22: Mary Anne - When Mary Anne was 8, her dad was always hiring strange and unlikeable baby-sitters for her. When he leaves on a two-day trip, he hires Mrs. Tate. To make the experience better, Mary Anne arranges for Claudia and Kristy to come over for a sleepover during that time. Even though Mrs. Tate looks like the rest of her baby-sitters, Mary Anne discovers she is more fun than expected, and that Mrs. Tate actually laughs at Claudia, Kristy, and Mary Anne's pranks rather that shriek in outrage.



Kristy's Chapter[]

Stacey's Chapter[]

Claudia's Chapter[]

Jessi's Chapter[]

Logan's Chapter[]

Mallory's Chapter[]

Shannon's Chapter[]

Dawn's Chapter[]

Mary Anne's Chapter[]


Kristy's Chapter[]

Stacey's Chapter[]

Claudia's Chapter[]

Jessi's Chapter[]

  • Ramsey House (both Stoneybrook and Oakley houses)
  • Oakley General Hospital

Logan's Chapter[]

Mallory's Chapter[]

Shannon's Chapter[]

Dawn's Chapter[]

  • Schafer House
  • Winslow House
  • Granny and Pop's House

Mary Anne's Chapter[]

  • Spier House

Pop Culture and Real-Life References[]

  • Paul Bunyan stories
  • Tomorrow from Annie
  • Bruce Springsteen

Continuity and Inconsistencies[]



  • In Kristy and the Baby Parade, Jessi doesn't know what colic is, but Jessi's most vivid memory involves Squirt having colic.
  • In Mary Anne vs Logan, it's mentioned that Jessi's grandmother was stood behind her when her parents left for the hospital to have Squirt. Although, in this book, a neighbour, Mrs. Jasper, takes care of her.
  • In Mary Anne and the Great Romance, Mary Anne notes that Sharon was the first woman her father had dated since her mother's death. However, here she talks about him dating when she was little. It could be that Sharon is Richard’s first serious relationship.


  • The first printing of this book came wrapped in plastic with a BSC necklace, and a foiled gold cover. 2nd and later printings had the same cover design but in a yellow instead of gold color.
  • This book was the first of the Audio Books on Cassette Tape released.
  • The novel's title was taken from the thirteenth and final episode of the 90s TV series, which aired four years prior to this novel's release. Differences include:
    • The BSC aren't assigned summer homework. It also doesn't go back into their childhood.
    • Shannon Kilbourne and Logan Bruno share memories in the book, but were not in the episode.
  • Kristy thinks great details is what makes writing worth reading.
  • Mary Anne brought her teddy bear to the sleepover.
  • This books working title was Baby-Sitters Club Memory Book [1].

Mary Anne's Chapter Trivia[]

  • Mary Anne had a string of baby-sitters growing up, most
  • Richard dated when Mary Anne was a baby.
  • Richard got baby-sitters and nannies from an agency.
  • Mary Anne, Kristy, and Claudia all once pranked a sitter.

Kristy's Chapter Trivia[]

  • Sam has detention keeping him from watching David Michael

Stacey's Chapter Trivia[]

  • Stacey had a goal to join the soccer team, make new friends, get straight A's before her diagnosis.
  • One of Stacey and Laine's friends got sent to boarding school in Massachusetts.
  • Laine had made it a rule that nobody could go into school until they all had arrived.
  • Stacey at one point couldn't even stand to have a flu shot.
  • Stacey fainted at her school in New York twice.

Claudia's Chapter Trivia[]

  • Claudia never had a best friend until she met Stacey.
  • Mrs. Frederickson made Kristy want to fight someone, scared Mary Anne, and Claudia didn't like her.
  • Claudia disliked Patrick and liked Mr. Spier as a child.
  • Claudia had a problem sitting still while in class.

Jessi's Chapter Trivia[]

  • Jessi and Becca made Squirt a time capsule to open when he was older.
  • Janice had two miscarriages prior to becoming pregnant with Squirt.
  • Janice does not believe in bottle feeding infants.

Logan's Chapter Trivia[]

  • Logan likes to color in coloring books when he's bored.
  • Logan had a hard time remembering Stacey's name.

Mallory's Chapter Trivia[]

  • Mary Anne once wrote to Louisa May Alcott when she was younger.

Shannon's Chapter Trivia[]

  • Shannon could tell that her parents are having relationship problems and her home life is rocky.
  • Shannon takes psychology and philosophy classes.

Dawn's Chapter Triva[]

  • Dawn and her California friends spent the entirety of her going away party crying.
  • Sharon let Dawn and Jeff sleep in her bed with her on their first night in their new-old house.


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