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This article is about the TV episode. For the book, see The Baby-sitters Remember.

The Baby-sitters Remember
Season 1, Episode 13
13 The Baby-sitters Remember BSC VHS front KidVision
Air date February 3, 1993
Written by Mary Pleshette Willis
Directed by Noel Black
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"The Baby-sitters Remember" is the thirteenth and final episode in The Baby-Sitters Club TV series. In this episode the baby-sitters tell their favorite memories. It first premiered on HBO on February 3, 1993.

Back Cover Summary[]

In a very special episode, the Baby-sitters share their funniest and fondest memories and celebrate their unique friendship.


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The girls recap some events from their most memorable sitting jobs.

Kristy remembers the founding of the club and her sitting job with Buffy and Pinky McKeever in Kristy's Great Idea.

Stacey remembers her reverse psychology on Amanda and Max Delaney in Kristy and the Snobs. Except Stacey messes up one of the bedrooms instead of the playroom.

Mallory and Jessi make a remark the test that the BSC made them take in Hello, Mallory.

Claudia makes a remark when she broke her leg in Claudia and the Bad Joke. She also mentions one of her birthdays when they wanted to go a traditional Japanese restaurant and ended up getting pizza. Her memory is when she remembers Mimi hosting a traditional Japanese tea.

Mary Anne remembers when David Michael and Karen Brewer got "married" in Kristy's Big Day.

Dawn remembers the modern living class experiment from Mary Anne + 2 Many Babies. The difference between the book and the memory is the partners were assigned rather than chosen, and that Aaron and Dawn lost their egg baby in school.

Jessi mentions her learning how to sign for Matt Braddock from Jessi's Secret Language.

There are mentions of Charlotte becoming friends with Becca, and the Zuni pen pals from Dawn and the Big Sleepover.

Ironically the pact from Graduation Day is mentioned by Kristy, despite the episode airing 1990 when the series ended ten years later.

VHS and LaserDisc Release[]

  • KidVision - September 1993
  • LaserDisc - December 1993 (as part of the Heart Collection)


  • The episode has the same premise as the Super Special novel, The Baby-sitters Remember. However, the novel's title was taken from the episode as the novel wasn't released until four years after the episode aired in 1990.
  • This is the only episode in the TV series to feature Claudia's grandmother, Mimi. So the series takes place some time after her death.
  • Since Dawn is an active member of the BSC at this point, it is set before she leaves for California.